Tourism Destination - Religion
Sacred mudhole Darmaloka

Location : Kuningan Regencies

Have you seen the fish god? In this place you'll often see a kind of fish suddenly disappeared and could not be found... Read more
Church of St Ignatius Cimahi

Location : Cimahi City

For you Christians, the Church of St. Ignatius is the object Cimahi heirloom that should not be overlooked. Colonial buildings of unique and European... Read more
Christ Assembly Church

Location : Sukabumi City

Assembly Church of Christ is located at Jalan Masjid and administratively included in the Village of Mount Parang, District Cikole. Church building is... Read more

Location : Cirebon City

Keprabonan including family Kanoman palace which was established on 1682 by Prince Raja Duke Kapronan. Kaprabonan Kaprabuan origin of the word (King) which... Read more
Talang Temple

Location : Cirebon City

As a trading port city visited many foreign traders, Cirebon City will not accept coming off the outside community, including the Chinese community.... Read more
welas Asih Temple

Location : Cirebon City

In addition there is a temple Gutters in Cirebon Temple of Mercy. This temple is located on Jl. No office. 2, or Pacinan... Read more
Plangon Sacred

Location : Cirebon Regencies

  Plangon is one of the sacred objects of ancient Islamic era. Contained in this sacred tomb of the Prince and Prince Kejaksan Panjunan.... Read more
Dharma Shrine Rakita

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Complete your visit by enjoying Shrine jamblang Cirebon, which according to the narrative of Mr. Gandhi as a board established in the 15th century.... Read more
Dharma Shrine Sukma

Location : Cirebon Regencies

  Complete your trip to Cirebon with a visit to the Shrine Hong Keng Tong. According to the story, the building of this pagoda... Read more
Pagoda Hok Lay Kiong

Location : Bekasi City

Hok Lay Kiong temple located at Jalan Kenari 1, administratively included in Margahayu Village, East Jakarta District. Then lies in the geographical position... Read more