Tourism Destination - Forest
Pananjung Nature Reserve

Location : Pangandaran District

PHYSICAL CONDITION AREA Extent and Layout Prior to set as Nature Reserves (CA) prior pangandaran forest designated as Wildlife area, it is based Gb... Read more
Ranggawulung City Forest

Location : Subang Regencies

Ranggawulung City Forest is located in Subang Regency. This forest is included in the administrative area of ​​Parung Subdistrict, Subang District. The location is... Read more
Forest Sancang (Leuweung Sancang)

Location : Garut Regencies

Forest is managed by the Forestry Department and has a total area of ​​2157 ha with a total area of ​​approximately 150 ha of... Read more
Forest Tourism Catang Malang

Location : Bogor Regencies

Forest Tourism Catang Malang is surrounded by pine trees which make such a beautiful panorama and cool temperate, and at certain moments is often... Read more
Tourism Regions Siliwangi King

Location : Majalengka Regencies

 Prabu Siliwangi greatness name immortalized on the forest reserves as well as cultural attractions of this nature. You'll get while enjoying the local large... Read more
Juan Park

Location : Bandung Regencies

History of Forest Park formerly known as Dago Pakar was started in 1922, when the boundaries are set. In 1963, the protected forests began... Read more
Halimun Mountain National Park

Location : Sukabumi Regencies

Mist Mountain is one of the protected areas and conservation of the largest tropical rain forest in West Java. In 1992 the region... Read more
Wanawisata Ciwaringin

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Forest tours with displays of natural beauty and lots of overgrown by eucalyptus trees. Provides location for walking enthusiasts and motor cross arena. At... Read more