Tourism Destination - Clumps Ibing
Adeg-adeg - Tari Sunda

Location : West Java

The name of an attitude of "standing" in Sundanese dance, generally performed with both feet not parallel: one more forward about 30 or 45... Read more

Location : Karawang Regencies

In Karawang and Subang area, developing an art show called Bajidor Jaipongan, who joked of acronyms associated Barisan Jelema Doraka which means 'rows of... Read more

Location : West Java

Doger is another name for ronggeng, ie women who have the ability to sing and dance as well. Show similar shapes with Tap... Read more

Location : Subang Regencies

Dombret or dongbret is a folk art that developed in West Java's north coast, particularly in Côte Blanakan Pamanukan, Subang regency. In addition to... Read more
Gaok - Nyanyian Sunda

Location : West Java

Crow is a type (genre) songs in Sundanese culture. Mostly done in "communal," by some singers (3, 4, even up to a dozen people),... Read more

Location : Bandung Regencies

Jaipongan is a genre of dance that was born from the creativity of an artist from Bandung, Gugum Gumbira. Attention to folk art, one... Read more
Ronggeng Amen

Location : Ciamis Regencies

Ronggeng Kaler (Kaler means north), better known as Ronggeng Amen. Amen Ronggeng an enrichment of the art Ronggeng Mt. Called Ronggeng Kaler since the... Read more
Ronggeng Bugis

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Interested in everything that is a bit provocative but entertaining? Maybe Ronggeng Bugis or Dance telik password can be a choice of art... Read more
Ronggeng Gunung

Location : Ciamis Regencies

Ronggeng Mountain is a traditional art form with the appearance of one or more dancers. Usually equipped with gamelan accompaniment and singing or kawih,... Read more
Dance Buyung

Location : Kuningan Regencies

For some people, including you, the name 'pitchers' may raise questions. Jug is a type of tool made of metal or clay that is... Read more