Tourism Destination - Martial grove
Bajing Kiring

Location : Karawang Regencies

The martial arts enthusiasts like you will certainly be interested to learn Squirrel Kiring and its history. Bermull in early 1931, the Association of... Read more

Location : Bandung Regencies

Benjang, a show similar to the motion of Pencak Silat. In the song rincik Beads and Ela-ell movement arose which called Do gong, which... Read more
Godot & Penca Karuhun

Location : Bekasi Regencies

Unlike other Pencak Silat in Tatar Sunda, Godot is a martial art without the accompaniment tetabuhan. Movement-jurusnya same stance as Pencak Silat and prioritize... Read more

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Enjoy the strains of Art Padingdang in Cianjur. Performing as a companion motion Padingdang ibingan ngaleunggeuh starts with the song, namely the opening song,... Read more
Pencak Cikalong

Location : Bandung Regencies

Pencak Cikalong were the work R.H. Ibrahim, derivative-9 Dalem Cikundul, Majalaya Cikalong Kulon District. R.H. Ibrahim was born in 1816, Pencak Silatnya expertise obtained... Read more
Pencak Cimande

Location : Cianjur Regencies

Pencak Cimande popularized and propagated by Mr. Shakir, a local resident. He is a figure that has a lot of Pencak Silat Pencak Silat... Read more
Pencak Silat

Location : West Java

Pencak Silat in Tatar Sunda been divided into two groups: the group that called Kembang (flower) and a group called Fruit (fruit). In addition... Read more

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

Pencak Silat Syahbandar greatness of the name is taken from the name of Master Pencak Silat in the area and Purwakarta Wanayasa namely... Read more

Location : Cirebon Regencies

Interested in everything that is a bit provocative but entertaining? Maybe Ronggeng Bugis or Dance telik password can be a choice of art... Read more