Tourism Destination - Heritage
Cirebon City Hall

Location : Cirebon City

Other relics of the colonial buildings such as City Hall Cirebon. This building is located on Jl. No. Siliwangi. 84, Mark West Village,... Read more
Bale Pamengkang

Location : Garut Regencies

Bale Pamengkang at Regency Road, Village Paminggir, Garut District Municipalities. Located at Coordinates: 07 º 13 '036' South Latitude and 107 º 54... Read more
Balong Tuk

Location : Cirebon Regencies

The appeal of Balong Tuk berdenah rectangles with size 6 x 9 m is located on the sacred values ​​that exist in these relics... Read more
Bank Indonesia

Location : Bandung City

Bank Indonesia is located in Jalan Braga No. 108, Village Braga, Wells Bandung District, next to City Hall Office of Bandung. Geographically located... Read more
Bank Indonesia Cirebon Branch

Location : Cirebon City

Admire the architectural beauty of Bank Indonesia branch of Cirebon in classical style and white color cast. This three-story building stands on an area... Read more
Ex-Commerce Bank Mandiri Bank

Location : Bandung City

Bank Mandiri is located in the old town which is located in the plaza south of Bandung. Bank Building, adjacent to the General... Read more
Walahar Dam

Location : Karawang Regencies

The importance of not only the Falkirk area in the Kingdom of Tarumanegara and the development of Islam. As a fertile area is very... Read more
Earth Ageung

Location : Purwakarta Regencies

Earth Building Ageung has deep historical value, because of its role in the founding of the City Purwakarta and as a silent witness to... Read more
Dalem Agung Pakungwati

Location : Cirebon City

One interesting story behind the building Dalem Supreme Pakungwati. This is the first palace built by Prince Cakrabuana, one of the sons of... Read more
Gedong Papak

Location : Bekasi City

Gedong Papak located at Jalan H. No. Juanda. 100, administratively included in Margahayu Village, East Jakarta District. Then located at the geographic position at... Read more