Citambur Waterfall

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Waterfall (Sunda base) or in the Indonesian language is called this waterfall, situated in the village of Karang Jaya sub-district performances Cianjur. If you depart from Bandung, Bandung south direction to take exactly the way to Bandung regency Ciwidey district, after the Tea Plantation Rancabali there is fork in the road, to the left shows the direction to the sights Situ / patengan lake, while to the right direction towards tea plantations Sinumbra
Take the road leading to the plantation Sinumbra, traveling from plantation Sinumbra - Cipelah districts through the village until the village of Karang Jaya Rancabali takes about a half hour. With a fairly good state of the road until the village Cipelah, then the road is still good though rocky - rock and sometimes hollow.
The trip will not be boring because the scenery on both sides, in contrast to the situation the city and even villages - other villages. Starting from the plantation to the village Rancabali Cipelah, left and right is surrounded by tea plantation / tea plantation. After passing through the village Cipelah, rural landscape began to gradually turned into a rural atmosphere in the interior. Uniquely in the right side there is quite a high mountain ridge, and there are enough beautiful waterfalls visible from the street. First look, amazement and awe I guess this is Citambur, but it was not. On the way to Citambur there was still another waterfall, only I did not ask the locals, what is the name of the waterfall.
Arriving at the village of Karang Jaya office, right in front of the office is the entrance to the waterfall Citambur. A few yards from the entrance, there RawaSuro immediately greeted by a water reservoir used for irrigation. Circumstances surrounding the lake is not very clean and seems to be a place to clean the plastic flow of irrigation water. The next road to the waterfall is not hotmix, but the loose stones embedded in the ground caused by pavement by passing vehicles. If you use the motor should be careful going through it because sometimes there are rocks and holes that can hit the engine block.
To place the parking that is not organized and filled with grass, looks fairly high waterfall on the right. Estimates may be nearly 200 meters, with a ratio of approximate 25 meters of pine trees. Around the park is still a field of yellow, and on the left or there is a hill in front of the waterfall and banyan tree that stands dipuncaknya.
It is undeniable, ecotourism Citambur waterfall is very good, but because of its height, clean water and splash the result of collisions with the surface water of the river produces winds that bring the drops that have a rapid turbulence, if we try a new approach within 50 meter and tried to look towards the center of the collision of water, though - going around - would not stand the sight of the eye due to a powerful spray of water such as rain water, in an instant pakaianpun soaked. This sensation is very different with a waterfall that only has a height of several tens of meters, the first time I felt a strange feeling when looking toward the center of the collision of the waterfall.
How strange sensation ... mmmhh unfortunately I did not dare to bring a camera, because in a few tens of seconds, wet clothes immediately, within 100 meters from the center of the waterfall was, the camera must be careful if you do not want to get wet.
The most appropriate position is to take a picture from the top of the hill in front of the waterfall, and that definitely needed a camera with a telephoto lens, because the type of compact digital cameras, people at my fight with splashing waterfalls almighty, look like ants, very small.

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