Mount Locks

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Mount Lock is a small hill located approximately 250 m to the west of the square Sumedang City. The key mountain flanked by two streets making it very easy to reach by private four-wheeled vehicles, public transport and two-wheeled vehicles. In the vicinity of the site is a residential community and to the west are Mount Palasari. The site is quite a lot of visitors is equipped with a parking area at the south. Administratively, the site is included in the region of Mount Panjunan, Village Kulon City, District of South Sumedang Astronomically located at coordinates 6 ° 51'21 "latitude and 107 º 55'00" longitude.
Hill on its surface planted with pine trees Perhutani has significant archaeological content. The archaeological remains of Fort Locks is a Dutch Colonial built in ancient times. The fort was built with concrete materials and morphology menfaatkan Mount Lock. In the body of a mountain hollowed out to the halls and rooms with different functions. In some parts there are ventilation holes in the form of iron chimney. At the peak of completeness of the fortress built around a building that surrounds the summit of Mount Lock, In this section there are some parts berdenah semicircle bay. At the height of the fort that we can see the beauty of some parts of the city and surrounding Sumedang. This is the main attraction when the Mount Fortress was developed as a key cultural and natural attractions. In general, the condition of the site is still awake, but in some parts need to be considered such as lighting and cleanliness of the hallway that connects the outside of the fort with a part in it.

Location: Mount Panjunan, Village Town Kulon, District of South Sumedang
Coordinates: 6 ° 51'21 "S, 107 º 55'00 E
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