Ciismun Waterfall

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Ciismun waterfall has a height of about 25 m wide with a foot waterfall about 5 m. The water of this waterfall plunge from the meeting point of the hill by hill Cibodas Agropolitan. and located at an altitude of 1275 m above sea level.
Located in the Cibodas Botanical Garden, precisely in the Village Cimacan, District Pacet Cianjur, West Java Province.
Maps and GPS Coordinates: 6 ° 44 '22:49' S 107 ° 0 '45.93 "E
Located about 85 km from Bandung or about 23 miles from Cianjur. To go Cibodas Botanical Garden can be done using private vehicles or public transport. For users of private vehicles traveling to the region (up to the bend entrance located on the right road if the Bogor) requires a travel time of approximately 1.5 hours from the city of Bogor if traveling smoothly alias is not jammed. Furthermore, from the bend entrance (the intersection known as the T-junction Cibodas Paregrejen) to reach the gates of the region still takes about 15 minutes (about 5 miles distance).
As for public transport users of the city of Bandung Bogor or can stop at the bend at the top which is then followed by public transport with route-Rarahan Cipanas until the last stop in the Market Hall Cibodas near-Pangrango Gede National Park. Furthermore, from the end of public transportation stops are relayed by walking toward the main entrance of East Cibodas Botanical Garden. From the entrance of the Botanical Gardens is the distance to the location of Ciismun waterfall about 2 miles which is a walk through the track (track) rocky for about 30 minutes.
In addition to passing the main gate located on the front with a direct way down the hill from the Botanical Gardens Cibodas, may also through the back door (west door). To go through the back door with Cipanas market complex if the direction of Bandung. Just before the markets take a turn to the left about 3 miles until arriving at the back door. The road condition is pretty bad-way through because the market close with a lot of public transportation that ngetem, narrow streets, steep and broken a lot of corners.
The journey towards this waterfall from the back door followed by a walk way through stone walkways beralasakan browse the uphill edge of the creek. Proximity to this waterfall from the back door is about 1 kilometer with a travel time about 20 minutes.
Tickets and Parking
Admission to the Cibodas Botanical Garden is Rp 6,000 for adults and Rp 3,000 for children. If you bring a car, the car should be brought into the park entrance to pay Rp 15,500. Previously paying admission at the gate of the botanical gardens of Rp. 2,000 per person and $ 5,000 for the car.
Facilities and Accommodation
Available trajectories (tracks) that were set up to rocky waterfall locations. Also the toilet to clean himself after menikamti freshness of a waterfall.
Botanical Garden-LIPI Cibodas
Laya Sindang Cianjur West Java, PO Box 19 SDL
0263-512233, 511385 

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