Talaga Herang

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Herang Talaga is a small lake on the border of three villages namely Jerukleueut, padaherang, and village in the district Lengkongkulon Sindangwangi, Majalengka, West Java, Indonesia. Previously, this area is an area in the district Rajagaluh. Water in Talaga Herang is water flowing from rivers and underground water comes from mountain sources Ciremai.
Talaga Herang is an area at the foot of the mountain. Talaga Herang means that the water is crystal clear lake. The lake is fairly deep and steep rocky but the water was crystal clear to make its own beauty. Hundreds of fish in this lake can be seen clearly. The unique fish in this lake should not be taken and for those who are caught will be fined rather large. So do not try to catch fish because the attraction officers will catch you.
The visitors are mostly from the young group. They sat on a rock on the lake and looking at other people who were swimming. The merchants were lined up there under the shady trees. When in this lake we should not be arrogant because arrogant people could get hurt. According to the story of three people in this village, there were two people who drowned in this lake is a whiz when the two pools. It is said that according to eyewitnesses, both of boasting before the swimming pool itself as the champion.

Herang Talaga, commonly called by the inhabitants of these places as accurately named, only just Talaga with different languages ​​means the same lake. Talaga Herang have clear water with shade trees located next to beautiful Lake adorned his Herang. Many who visit this attraction from the start itself up to foreign residents Majalengka Majalengka district was a frequent visitor to these attractions. Herang lake located in the village of Leueut Orange County District Sindangwangi Majalengka one natural attraction is quite busy at the visit during the school holidays. 

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