Situ Gede Tasikmayala City

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A tourist attraction that offers a panorama of natural beauty where the decoration of natural forests that are on a small island (homeland) located in the middle of it. With a total area of ​​approximately 47 acres, and homeland amid an acre there is the Tomb of Grandmother Prabudilaya, a prominent religion of Islam from Tasikmalaya.
Situ existence serves as a source of irrigation for the surrounding wetland. While its existence was a natural tourist attraction which is quite large considering it is situated not so far from the center of Tasikmalaya, about 30 minutes away by car.
Situ Gede area has a complete infrastructure and facilities furnished by the government annually. Among other gate, counter, musola, restrooms, jogging track, and parks. Surrounding community such as land area make their livelihood in between the stalls, stalls offering a variety of rice that typical fish menu Situ Gede, raft rental, boat rental, or even just looking for fish for sale.
The existence Situ Gede also offers a variety of travel alternatives, such as water tourism, pilgrimage tourism, sports tourism, to culinary tourism. So in Situ Gede location still requires the hands of investors to participate in its development.
It would be interesting if the location of the inn was built Situ Gede, rental jetsky, a representative restaurant, souvenir stalls, outbound area, playground, fishing pier, and others. However, for the construction of the Situ Gede to refer to the master plan drawn up to keep our environment.
One of the natural resources that have not been used optimally reliable for community economic development Tasikmalaya city is big attractions are located there and Mangkubumi dikelurahan Linggajaya Mangkubumi District.
Situ Gede is a lake covering an area of ​​47 ha with water depths between 1.5 sd 6 meters. In the middle there is an island with an area of ​​1 ha, this island was buried Grandmother Prabudilaya the growing legend in the city of Tasikmalaya, where big lies relatively close to the center of Tasikmalaya, more kuang +4 km.
Facilities for tourists are 7 pieces gazebo, ample parking, mosques, toilets, raft, fishing spots, parks and camping ground.

Activities for tourists to do is jogging, fishing, catching fish, circumnavigate the island by raft, enjoying the scenery with the rural feel of the cool and fresh, grilled and fried fish enjoy the kiosk - kiosk about attractions, as well as the pilgrimage to the island it big. 

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