Sindulang Waterfall

21-05-2012 Sumedang Regencies 26149 viewed


In Sumedang there are 5 pieces of the waterfall: waterfall Sindulang, Cipongkor waterfall, waterfall Belt, waterfall and waterfall Tirta Cibuluh Buana. All of these have a waterfall feature each as its own charm. Sindulang waterfall is a twin waterfall about 30 m altitude, the weather was cool and beautiful natural scenery. Sindulang waterfall located in the Village District Sindulang
Sindulang waterfall is a natural attractions in the form of a waterfall that is located on the border with the District anatar Sumedang Bandung regency, West Java. Although situated between two districts, but the administration was in the village of Curug Sindulang Sindulang, District Cimanggung, Sumedang District. Sindulang waterfall is one of the attractions that are potential and have a beautiful natural panorama.

Cimanggung, the vehicle can pass. It will be easier when using a cross road taken Cicalengka (London) with majors Cicalengka Leuwiliang. 

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