Situ Sanghyang Kab. Tasikmalaya

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Situ Sanghiyang attractions located in the Village and the Village Cilolohan Cibalanarik Tanjungjaya District, is about 25 km from the city center Tasikmalaya, with an area of ​​about 37 ha. Lake or Situ Sanghiyang has appeal because the water never receded and the natural surroundings are very shady. In addition to the beautiful scenery at the site of King Linggawastu sites are visited by many tourists.

Sanghiyang there is a natural attraction in the form of a wide lake in the village Cilolohan Sub-Cibalanarik Tanjungjaya Tasikmalaya district. This attraction is relatively empty of visitors on weekends. Therefore, visitors who had come here to freely enjoy the scenery on display in front of him.

An ancient form of stone inscription found at a farm suspected heritage site in Kampung Nangklong Galuh kingdom, Linggaraja Village, District Talbot, Tasikmalaya regency, West Java. Stones with a diameter of about 1.8 meters was discovered during excavation of garden soil in early October.

On top of the stone carving looks like a picture of a map and there are posts like the numbers 0, 1 and 5. In addition to finding the stone, Hasbini the inventor and owner of the garden, find some smaller stones with a diameter of 50 cm and has a motif like a line that describes the hills surrounding the area.

Zamzam, a leading youth culture and tourism drive Situ Trance, Tasikmalaya District, expects the discovery of ancient stone inscriptions are believed to reveal the history of the kingdom and the historical existence Trance Situ. If proven heritage, certainly nothing to do with the establishment of a monarchy in the district of Tasikmalaya.

In addition, according to Zamzam, an ancient inscription was probably nothing to do with the history of the kingdom is in Situ Trance. From the oral stories of local communities in the region said that once stood Galuh Trance Kingdom and the Kingdom of Saung Gentong. The presence of stone findings are only about 5 miles from Situ Trance, a lake covering an area of ​​16.7 hectares.

In Situ Trance contained Cibalanarik village there are also ancient tomb. In the vicinity of the ancient tomb stones can be found pancalikan, the throne is made of stone and rub gently until shiny. This throne is only used in the coronation ceremony. In the future king's throne was blessed by high priest. Place the throne was, according to tradition, was in kabuyutan kingdom, not in the palace.

The attraction is the tours offered Situ / lake, Pilgrimage to the tomb of Linga Wastu grandparent, with tourism activities to do is swim, ride Boat / Raft, Camping, Botram, Jogging and pilgrimage. Facilities and infrastructure are already available: Parking Areas, Roads, Electricity, Water and Telecommunications.

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