Inscription Kebun Kopi 2 (Batu Dakon)

27-10-2016 Bogor Regencies 26123 viewed


Inscription Coffee Plantation I next location approximately ± 200 meters to the north of the building behind the mosque are called Inscription Coffee Plantation are 5 pieces of stone. Three stone is shaped Menhir (Pillar Stone / Stone Memorial) and two stone dakon / congklak.

Five pieces of stone relics megalithic tradition. The results of the excavation will be proof of a place of worship for the local people who develop long before the presence of Hindu influence. Menhir is estimated to have a function as a symbol of power or persona.

The figure represents a menhir. When a ruler or leader is not there then the monument became a place of worship on their persona.
While Stone Dakon estimated to have a function as a chain or system calendar / calendar found on the Baduy, Banten known as Kolonjer.

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