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From Inscription Coffee Plantation I (Tread Elephant) we continue toward Inscription Slate is about ± 200 meters from the location of the inscription Coffee Plantation I, but the signs for the slate inscription is lost by the time we get to the location. Site Ciaruteun situated ± 19 km southwest of the city of Bogor, can be reached by four wheel drive or two wheel up to the location. Can use-Bogor route Ciampea Sirna-Lebak-Simpang Ciaruteun Downstream (location). Besides using Bogor route-Ciampea (± 45 minutes), and reached the intersection Lebak Sirna followed by motorcycle taxi ± 1.5 km up to the location.
The inscription includes the village Ciaruteun, District Cibungbulang. In geogrfis is located at 106 ° 41'28, 5 "E and 06 ° 31'39, 9" LS with a height of 320 m above sea level. Areas of the site bounded by three rivers, namely the south side Ciaruteun River, west: Cianten River, north: Cianten River Estuary and Cisadane River, west side Cisadane River. Of the river there is a boat Cisadane Cianten and crossings to the site. Site soil was fertile and used by residents by planting rice, vegetables, bamboo and other crops. In this area there are three inscriptions, which Ciaruteun, Kebon Coffee (Tread Elephant) and Muara Cianten, as well as among other megalithic remains dakon stone, menhir, stone panel megalithic statues.
Inscription Ciaruteun known by the report led Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen in 1863 AD, was found located Ciaruteun River, about 100 meters to the downstream estuary Cisadane. According to information in the event of a flood in 1894 AD, the inscription is shifted so that the writing upside down facing the river, and in 1903 AD the location fixed. In 1987 the center moved from the river to the mainland Ciaruteun (over the river) ± 150 feet north. Originally located on a river stone inscriptions including the District Ciampea Ciareteun. But since the stone was removed and dicungkup Estuary in the village which is located on the other side (1981), including in the District Cibungbulang. Since found in river flow Ciaruteun, this inscription Inscription Ciaruteun known.
Then the inscription has been converted script and translated by J.Ph. Vogel (1925) The Earliest Sanskrit Inscription of Java, RM Ng. Poerbacaraka (1952). Ciaruteun inscription written in English letters Pallava Sangsakerta by 4 rows each of 8 syllables sound reading:
vikkrantasy avanip Ateh
^ Rimatah purnnavarmmanah
vishnoriva padadvayam
"(Former) two feet like the feet of Vishnu it is Her Majesty the foot Purnawarman, Tarumanegara king in the land, valiant king of the world".
Inscription written on a rock andesite with size Height: 151 cm, top diameter: 72 cm, bottom diameter: 134 cm. Scratches in the form of a pair of footprints and painting spider carved in the letter. Writing consists of 4 lines written in the form of poetry to the rhythm of anal body India. In this inscription are two feet that are equated with the footprints of Lord Vishnu.
Based on the contents of the inscription to know three things: the name of the kingdom Tarumanagara, Purnawarman king's name and (possibly) the in-pujanya god Vishnu. There are no signs pointing the location palace. Only certain, of course, including the area where the discovery Tarumanagara region. The inscription contains no pertanggalan and thought of writing made in the 5th century AD
There are two things that had ever crowded even debated by experts, can not be solved from these inscriptions. The first thing a kind of ornate carving is believed to be the letters, even the so-called letter-curls. These two are a pair of signs like "spiders" in front of the footprints. Theory or conjecture posed manifold. Some suspect the spider emblem of power controlled by the kings of the region "web of string"; anyone figured as a symbol of "solar twin" and some are considered as a symbol of unity "solar-moon '(sun and moon) . Strictly speaking "curly letters" and a "spider" that was riddled with secrets of the past.
Inscription is not far from the city of Bogor, and the area has become a government-owned, and has laid out environment and this inscription from the kingdom Tarumanegara from 4-5 century is quite rare, the potential if used as a cultural attraction, especially for student or students.

Location: Village Ciaruteun, District Cibungbulang
Coordinates: 06 ° 31'39 9 "S, 106 ° 41'28 5" E
Direction: ± 19 km south west of the city of Bogor. Can use-Bogor route Ciampea Sirna-Lebak-Simpang Ciaruteun Downstream (location). Besides using Bogor route-Ciampea (± 45 minutes), and reached the intersection Lebak Sirna followed by motorcycle taxi ± 1.5 km up to the location.
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