Bibijilan Waterfall

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Located in the village of Jackfruit Lebak, village Kerta Angsana, District Nyalindung, Sukabumi District, West Java Province.

Niagara Falls is located in the tourist area Bibijilan Buni Ayu and has a height of about 100 m with cold water and cool green tosca slid from limestone rocks. This waterfall is stratified and each level can climb up to the peak. During the wet season, Curug Bibijilan not allowed to visit because the water flow is high and quite heavy. This waterfall is also often used as an arena rock climbing and flying fox.

Bibijilan name comes from Sundanese language meaning emerge, in other words the water emerging from the bowels of the earth (from the cave) forming stream terrace and small pools.


Transportation to this Destination :

Located about 40 km south east of Sukabumi and can be reached by public transport or private vehicles with paved roads and a little hollow. After halfway Sagaranten (1.5 hours), on the left there is the post - Goa Buniayu PERHUTANI gate reads, into the garden through the pine as far as 1.5 km down the hill to the paved road off until he reached the second checkpoint, at the front of the cave. Location Bibijilan waterfall is not far from this second post.

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