Waterfall Caweni

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Located in Kampung Cilutung, Cidolog Village, District Cidolog, Sukabumi, West Java
Caweni waterfall waterfall has a height of about 15 m. A distinctive feature is the presence of a waterfall Caweni 7 m high rock which are in the midst of a waterfall. It is said that the stone was Caweni Arca, the daughter of the once powerful in Cidolog. Name Caweni or cawene the Sundanese language means 'randa bengsrat', widow is still sacred because apart before having sex with her husband.

Existing facilities available such as, location of parking and toilets as well as a place to change clothes, but unfortunately there are not even allowed its maintenance neglected.

Additionally absence, stall or shop selling food and drinks were difficult to find. Only food and drink vendors were Cidolog road, about 200 meters before the Curug Caweni. It is therefore advised to bring lunch if you want to travel to this place.


Cidolog society, as well as Pajampangan society at large, believed that the seven meter-high stone statue is the result of changes in the form of Nyi Caweni or Princess Caweni. In folklore that developed in Cidolog, Nyi Caweni is dainty woman who has been married 99 times. Of that amount, 98 told her husband died on the first night. Who escaped from the "death in the first night" was the last of her husband, Prince Boros rafters. Unlike husbands Caweni Nyi before that only ordinary people, Boros rafters is a descendant of nobles, knights were highly knowledgeable. After learning Nyi Caweni track record, he spent the first night with a very alert.

Boros rafters decided not to have sex on the first night, and he did not sleep to see what would happen. The first night and the second night, there was nothing. Only on the third night. Boros rafters find the answer to the mystery of his wife. When Nyi Caweni was sleeping, from his crotch suddenly out of a poisonous snake. Boros rafters convinced that the cause of death streak. With his power, Boros rafters and then catch the snake and put it somewhere.

On the morning after breakfast, said goodbye to his wife Boros rafters. As a knight, he can not escape from the responsibility to promote the public interest. For that he had to go to complete the tasks mandated to it. Boros rafters promised to return to Nyi Ca-Weni. But he also says if the time it had not yet arrived, he asked Nyi Caweni to catch up. If Nyi Caweni find rafters Boros footprints on the stone, he had to wait there while in a very long time! With great love, though obviously heavy heart, Nyi Caweni husband farewell.

Time passed, finally decided to join Nyi Caweni Boros rafters who did not come. He walked compose river now called Ci Dolog. On the river, a waterfall, he found traces of the footprints was looking for. Nyi Caweni pretty sure it was her husband's footsteps and he decided to wait there. A very long wait until his body turned into a stone statue of Princess Caweni kinidisebut.

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Transportation to this Destination :

Located about 86 km to the south of the city center Sukabumi or about 25 km from the district Segaranten or just about 200 m from the causeway towards Tegalbuleud not far from the district center Cidolog. Of the road to get there fairly smooth paved and can be reached any kind of vehicle either two or four wheels. From the parking lot the vehicle continued traveling on foot down the winding stairs and slippery far more than a mile to arrive at the location of the waterfall is located.

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