GOA wadon

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Wadon cave located in Kampung Jompong, Mertajaya village. What cave is located on the edge of north road that connects the village of Simpang Urmi (Pamijahan) with village Cibuntu (Cibalong). The cave entrance facing west in the form of leveling the valley where the river flows Cilumping. The east side of the cave were found many niches (rock theleteres). The width of the cave ± 3:50 m, length of ± 16 m, while the height is estimated at 4 m. The rocks forming the layered limestone caves form. Buahfragmen findings in the form of some mollusc shells and fragments of gerbah. Mollusc shells consist dai: 10 pieces of shell fragments ampih dromus of the class Gastropoda, 6 pieces cvangkang Cyclotus fragments, shell fragments Acatina 11 pieces and 1 piece of shell Thiaride.
source: Disparbud Kab. Tasik Malaya

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