Goa Anteg

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Anteg a world heritage cave Queen Sukakerta Srigading Anteg, currently Anteg cave site in addition to functioning as a cultural attraction, as well as adventure attractions (caves) are frequently visited by both nature lovers and visitors with special interests (pilgrimage). For nature lovers, especially the novice caver, I was pretty good for the training arena, in addition to the level of difficulty and the level of danger to the category, as well as the terrain is quite challenging because they have quite varied levels of difficulty.
The visitors are also many special interest to the cave, at certain times (Anteg cave used by the pilgrims visiting), usually in Maulud, Safar, Ramadan and others. Like the other caves associated with the history, Cave Anteg also associated with traveling Syech Abdul Muhyi before finding the cave Safarwadi in Pamijahan and also the story of Sunan Grace (Son of King Siliwangi Santang Kean),
supposedly there petilasannya around the cave (in the mosque building).
Anteg name itself is taken from the name of one of the characters after the royal kingdom Sukakerta Galunggung, namely Sri Anteg, this cave is believed by the local community is one of the rituals associated with Sri Gading Anteg.
Cave with a length of 342 meters, is quite complete when viewed from the diversity of ornaments, there stalacmit, stalactit, gourdin and others. Only in some of the hallways are former rerutuhan Stalacmit (cave breakdown) that indicates the level of vulnerability of rock to watch. The cave is in addition to being the object of cultural tourist destination, as well as travel / adventure sports.
Many records show that cave Anteg is often exposed in the media, both in print and electronic media so that the cave was frequented by pilgrims, both derived from Tasikmalaya, and outside Tasikmalaya even many visitors from outside the province.

Cave No.: GT. 39.07.01
Cave Name / Synonyms: Anteg
Coordinated Layout: 108 º 18'42 .8 "E 07 º 28 '10.5" LS
Altitude: 727 meters DPL
Bloc / village / hamlet: Mountain Flea / Sukapura / Anteg Downstream
Village / District: Malatisuka / Mountain Cape
District / Province: Tasikmalaya / West Java
Sea / Mountain nearby: Indian / Sand Lingkeuy
Shape the cave: Trapezoid inverted (amorphous)
Size of the mouth of the cave: 6.3 x 2.7 meters / semi-vertical
Long hallways cave: 274 meters (main hall)
Wide hallways caves: from 0.8 to 28 meters
Location of the mouth of the cave / hallway: Cliff / combined (vertical and horizontal)
Toward the mouth of the cave: North
Load capacity: 100 - 1000 people
Degree of difficulty: Moderate - Difficult
Land ownership: Land Village
Current caretaker: Dede Abdul Karim
Utilization of the caves as well: for pilgrimage tourism activities

Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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