Site Geger Hanjuang

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Site is located on the Mount Geger Geger Hanjuang Hanjuang Linggawangi Village District Leuwisari, from the location it was found many historical relics including inscription (which is now called the inscription commotion HANJUANG). Not far from the site there is a place called Saung Gede in history called Saung Galah - meaning Palace (seat of government Galunggung kingdom), and Kabuyutan Trance Linggawangi a principal that is considered sacred in their time,
Hanjuang Geger inscription is an inscription to 10 were found in West Java. found by K.F. Holle roughly at tahun1877, then taken and stored by Dr. Tahun1914 chrome. Is still maintained and stored at the Museum of Central Jakarta with inventory number D.26
Inscription Geger Hanjuang made ​​in 1033 which coincided with the Saka year 1111 AD. The inscription was made 81 years after the King of Sunda Sri Jayabupati inscription found in Cibadak, Sukabumi.
With the discovery of texts that have been transcribed Kertabumi State by Drs. Atja, inscriptions position in the sequence Geger Hanjuang kings reign in West Java can be placed more accurately. The manuscript is written in capital letters and Ancient Languages​​. Although the description quite young, was completed in 1697, but will the writing based on ancient manuscripts, historical levels they contain very high. Compatibility with the year and rama kings mentioned in the inscriptions-inscriptions throughout the island of Java (including inscriptions Tarumanagara), may baffle historians. Sometimes what is still a theory of history scholars, the script is actually already a historical narrative.
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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