Site Kabuyutan Linggawangi

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Various archaeological remains exist in the location Kabuyutan Linggawangi be evidence of past governments Galunggung the kingdom, after the government in the form of kebatanaan, namely Kebataraan Galunggung, one Galunggung ruler in the kingdom is Batary Hyang. Locations are in the vicinity of the site Saung Galah (locations exist at Saung Gede / saung pole / Palace) which is in the Village District Linggawangi Leuwisari, in the vicinity of the site are finding the location of the site Heger Hanjuang Cultural Objects (inscription Geger Hanjuang) stating berdidinya kingdom Galunggung in the year 1111 AD.
The traditional belief Linggawangi villagers who consider Rumantak as a former palace Galunggung turns in and supported by the inscription Geger Hanjuang. Gegerhanjuang village where the discovery of inscriptions dank into 12 small ceramic pot for materials can be predicted almost certainly the former kabuyutan Galunggung. That's where maybe the authorities Galunggung dipusarakan. Inscription Sunda kings until recently typically found in complex kabuyutan
source: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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