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Name given by Grandmother Earth trashy Dalem Good Nayadimantri, means entry gafura soil (earth = land, fertile trashy = / sunda), located in the hamlet village Demunglandung Papayan Jatiwaras District, ± 19 km from the city center Tasikmalaya, at 269.7 m , coordinate S.07 º 27. 869 ', E 108 º 12. 376 '
Grandmother Dalem Good Nayadimantri is a scholar of Banten credited the days of his life in spreading the religion of Islam, he comes from the Banten along with his followers
around the year 1700. At the time it was hit by Bantam Bantam battle between the Dutch people to liberate themselves from the shackles of colonialism.
He left the Bantam intends to look for a new settlement, among his followers is Sumapatra, Sumanegara and Siti Saroh the only woman of the group who brought him.
He believes the area will be in the spread of Islam are not familiar with the teachings of the Islamic religion, the community at the time there were Hindus, assisted by some of the natives that Naya grandparent, grandparent Atna, grandparent Rangga and uing Enoch. Good Dalem Nayadimantri started teaching Islam religion against people living around the Earth trashy.
Various relics and evidence of past civilizations on Earth trashy websites, among others:
1. Cemetery:
- The area of ​​the cemetery aArea 33m2 x 32.5 = 1072.50 m2 m2
- The area of ​​25.500m2 completely
- The area of ​​500m2 pond
- Area 900m2 tomb Cipetir
- The number of tombs there are 45 graves
2. Stone / Menhir, among others:
- 1 piece rock / menhir near Dalem Good tomb, reputedly first
  serves as a place to hold water.
- 1 piece of stone used dalu long a place of prayer.
3. Various types of inheritance, such as tumbak, sword, dagger, knife, machete, bowl and ring, circa 1928 fire in the capital village (now old-fashioned village) bring all these treasures were burned.
Earth trashy besides being a site is also a nature reserve and wildlife, as there are at the site other than in the form of heritage sites, nature reserves such relics are quite large trees hundreds of years old, and binatang2, apes, monkeys and kaluang (bat = sunda
source: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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