Joglo Site and Cave Sarongge (Seikh Zaenudin)

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Site / Location typical pilgrimage Joglo (Seikh Zaenudin) and Sarongge Cave is located in the Village District Bantarkalong Cipatujah. Located about 60 km from the city center Tasikmalaya, an area of ​​about 1 ha. Seikh Abdul Zaenudin is Muchyi Pamijahan Sekh students who spread Islam in the region of West Java Province.

GUA SARONGGE, ENVIRONMENT, and characteristics
Cave Sarongge by Aja (Interpreter maintained) may have existed since the Earth as originally created by Allah SWT.
To reach the cave from the road can be reached by footpath up to the Tomb of Sheikh Zaenuddin approximately 100 meters and then for those who love adventure cave can be reached by climbing a car or motorbike, through the topograf up and down. Above Sarongge cave itself partly overgrown garden property rights of citizens, and some land owned by the village, its surroundings are gardens and fields.
For the visitors Cave, before entering the cave is required to follow the order that should have ablution and one of the group had to sing the cAall to prayer in front of the cave entrance, and read other readings are determined.
Sarongge cave has unique characteristics which we can see inside the cave, the following profile.
Cave Name: Sarongge / Cave Sunan Rahmat
Coordinated Layout: 108 º 04 '52.7 "E 07 º 39' 29.4" LS
Altitude: 228 meters DPL
Village / hamlet: Cirangkong / Sarongge
Village / District: Bantarkalong / Cipatujah
District / Province: Tasikmalaya / West Java
Sea / Mountain nearby: Indian / Sand Sky
Shape the cave: Quadrilateral (amorphous)
Size of the mouth of the cave: 1.8 x 0.8 meters
Long hallways cave: 112 meters (main hall)
Wide hallways cave: 08-34 meters
Location of the mouth of the cave / hallway: Cliff / horizontal
Load capacity: 10-100 people
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Land ownership: Land Village
Current caretaker: Dedi Abdullah, Drs.
Utilization of the caves as well: for pilgrimage tourism activities
Place lainnyadalam cave, which is believed to surrounding communities is a
historic, among others:
1. Stone Harum. Stone by stone stuck dingding asahaan cave. When we kissed or nose close enough so the scent will be felt.
2. Paimbaran. Pulpit preaching places including a flat pitch and spacious enough to accommodate 100-200 listeners sermons or prayers in congregation. Now often used by an individual or group to put their trust.
3. Dome of the Mosque. The dome is a hole in the ceiling above the cave, the diameter of about one meter beneath it, the more upward
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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