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Nagaratengah name has existed since the time Galuh Hindu kingdom, when the kingdom of a federation. Mahaprabu Galuh divide the kingdom, one of them is Galuh Nagaratengah kingdom ruled by King Supreme Danumaya by the number of people reaching ± 1000 people. Then proceed by King Dynasty Dedaha, then by the Great King Ranggakusumah.
When Copyright Trance Permana throne as Mahaprabu Galuh, the capital of the kingdom (dayeuh) moved to Nagaratengah. Location of the capital between the river and Cibodas Cihapitan (Sayung Village Karanglayung) then replacement is Mahaprabu Copyright Permana (formerly dwelt in Cimaragas) who had converted to Islam and split the kingdom into 6 small kingdom (Kadaleman). Furthermore, Kadaleman Nagaratengah built in 1583 by Prince Panji Subrata Aria. lk distance. 25 km from the city center Tasikmalaya, an area of ​​3 hectares, the various websites that exist:
1. Village Nagaratengah
a. Hamlet Mekarsari
In this village there are BCB belonging Idi Sukandi form sword and body, and brass bracelet with the following sizes:
- Sword: Length: 59 cm
Stem length: 11 cm
Material: metal
There is a symbol on the sword stems from brass elliptical diameter
3 cm long and 2 cm diameter short, there is an ornament in permukaaannya lines
- Bracelet: Metal Diameter: 1.3 cm
Bracelet diameter: 8.5 cm
Color: reddish yellow
Material: bronze metal
b. Hamlet Ciwarulang
In this village there is a shrine commonly known as the Tomb of Dayang Kancana, but the condition of the tomb has been changed because of penembokan and has no recognizable form of the original.
c. Hamlet Tanjungsari (Nyengkod)
In this village there is a staircase punden consists of three terraces. On the terrace above there are two Islamic tomb walled rectangular. In the northeast corner, of the building there is a menhir of andesitic rocks, and in the legs sticking triangular altar stone. The menhir size is 57 cm high, 28 cm wide and 16 cm thick stone. The site is also known as the tomb Garatengah.
Inside the building there is a tomb tomb tomb walls Kyai Abdul spiritual that has been reorganized, length 270 cm, width 190 cm. To the eastern sepulcher tomb contained his wife (Goddess Pertala) has also been reorganized
a length of 230 cm, width 160 cm. Vegetation growing on a tree punden is kiara, cane, palm, fig, banana, cassava and rice.
Approximately 50 m towards the east there is the tomb complex that has undergone rearrangement. In the neighborhood there is a tomb tomb tomb tomb
Aria Prince Panji Kusumah a length of 350 cm, width 190 cm, and the sepulcher tomb of his wife, who was named Ratna Ayu Ivory Pangrungu a length of 280 cm, width 170 cm. Both tomb is located on a rectangular structure measuring 560 cm long, 630 cm wide. In the same area about 100 m towards the south there is a headstone aretfak development of rod shape measuring 56 cm high, 23 wide, 9 cm thick. Tomb complex with an area of ​​140 m2 is located in the west of the river meanders Cihapitan flowing from west to-east. Plants that grow in this tomb lingkuan among Lagerstroemia, pukih / nam-nam, sugar, kodoya, nyatuh.
While in Block Garatengah there are several locations that are considered among the site
a. Dipuncak Gunung Putri, information society there is a stretch of stone
       rectangular and is known as the tomb of a princess.
b. At the summit of Mount Edge, there is the tomb diinformaskani
c. At Mount Elephant, by informing the public use as a place of worship.
d. Nanggerang, informed by the public that there is the tomb by the public prosecutor Anggapraja popularly known as Mbah Attorney.
e. Contribute Situ, informed at the top there is the tomb homeland Contribute Situ Sutadiwangsa.
f. In the rubber plantation PT. Chakras Wiria precisely on the slopes of Mount Wild boar are diinformsikan Stone and Stone Mortar Boar that the community known as the crater.
1. Village Ciampanan
In this Sukabakti hamlet Block Barunay precisely identified the
three (3) archaeological remains, namely
1) to the east of the mouth of the river there is the tomb of Islam Ciriri been reorganized (re-formed) and is known as Nyi Dalem Campaka tomb, sepulcher tomb stone expanse rectangular with a length of 760 cm, width 500 cm.
2) Approximately 100 m to the east of the tomb-there are grave Pangerang Aria Flag Subrata, the first Muslim king Galuh Nagaratengah. Sepulcher tomb expanse of stone and partly landslides, and about 80 m
of this tomb to the east there are sources of water (wells) were named Cikabuyutan.
3) Approximately 100 meters from the river ciriri the north there are websites Stone Goong. On this site there is a hollow rock or stone Goong measuring 6.75 meters long and 2.40 meters high. On the surface this stone there are two holes that vary in size in diameter. Each 61 cm diameter hole to a depth of 51 cm, and the second hole diameter 36 cm and depth of 22 cm. Approximately 10 meters south of the stone was discovered Goong anklet made of bronze, in precisely the same village in Block Cilutung,
Hamlet Sukabakti there are features Raden Duke Aryadikusumah tomb tomb with his wife and son Sukmabuwana Mangkunagara. He is the king of Islam-3 in Nagaratengah or king-6 of the Hindu kingdom Nagaratengah. Sepulcher expanse of smell andesite, a length of 610 cm, width 650 cm. In the tomb is widely grown banyan tree and nut. While in Block Baranuya there is the tomb of Prince Arya Flag Subrata (documented)
2. Village Cineam
Mekarmulya Hamlet, there is the tomb Dalem village Cinean Citatah (Forest constable Wanalapa), information obtained from Djotong (late), through Agus Mulyana (Mas Agus), that is Citatah tradional forest security officer bans in the past used as grazing deer. Sepulcher tomb rectangular with a length of 430 cm and 230 cm wide, and is located at coordinates 07o23'43, 6 "south latitude and 108o21'43, 5" 291 East longitude and altitude above sea level. Vegetation growing in these locations form the banyan, kiteja, and palm in addition to shrubs.
3. Village Cikondang
Mekarjaya Hamlet, Village Cikondang identified the two sites remains the first megalithic tradition called the World Prebu Sukajaya, form two groups expanse of stone and each contained a stretch of stone menhir on it. Cover rocks south-sized (290 cm x 240 cm), there are two menhirs were
Mr. Dago named Java and each measuring 81 cm high, 27 cm diameter collapsed position, and the other in a state of broken menhir measures 58 cm high and 20 cm diameter. While the stretch of rocks north (140 cm x 100 cm), there are two menhirs on it, by people known as menhirs King Siliwangi. The first menhirs position south measuring 34 cm high, 19 cm diameter and 47 cm menhir both are adjacent to its northern measuring 40 cm high and 17 cm diameter. The site is located at coordinates 07o25'29, 2 'south latitude, 108o20'37, 9 "East longitude and altitude of 397 m above sea level. On top of this site to grow trees and palm Lagerstroemia
The second site is Site Dalem Sareupeun a society known as Paniisan Dalem Saripin. The site is located in the hamlet Mekarjaya exactly temple blocks. On this site there are 6 stone row leading from east to west and a stone a length of 66 cm width 15 cm height 24 cm, 21 cm across the north triangular prism-shaped stone. From the east the first stone of a length of 62 cm width 18 cm height 13 cm. To the west of the stone first with a distance of 36 cm contained two stones length 80 cm width 17 cm height 18 cm, then a distance of 37 cm are stone all three triangular-shaped prism with a length of 55 cm width 33 cm height 23 cm. The fourth stone is 13 cm to the west of the rock prism of a length of 75 cm width 14 cm height 13 cm. 47 cm towards the west of the stone contained four stone five feet long 68 cm wide 18 cm high 7 cm. and 42 cm to the west
of the five stones are stones sixth with a length 46 cm width 30 cm height 23 cm ..
Later in Hamlet Sukahurip, precisely in Kampung Ciodeng at home Mr Saleh (81 years) saved one (1) mortar stone measuring 20 cm high, 24 cm diameter surface 15 cm depth mortar, base diameter 16 cm, 3 cm thick mortar. In the same village the population was found in a field rather pestle made of rock andesite fragments, one fragment flakes and a fruit that resembles an ax made of chert rock. Precisely in the same village informed the tomb Dusun Cigalagah Arya Suntya Heroic.
4. Village Rajadatu
Pusakamukti Hamlet, Village Rajadatu wells identified the tomb Dalem (Raden Wijayakusumah) and his wife named Ma Amanah. Sepulcher tomb stone expanse rectangular with a length of 440 cm, width 280 cm., While Ma Amanah sepulcher a length 160 cm width 90 cm. The distance between the two tombs 220 cm. The tomb is located at 07o22'20 koordinar, 4 "south latitude and 108o21'54, 7" east longitude with an altitude of 273 m above sea level.
Later in the same village in the hamlet Paganjuran precisely sepulcher tomb contained a length of 630 cm width 170 cm bembujur north-south direction and is known as the tomb of Commander Dalem Paganjuran. On top of this sepulcher stand 3 menhir each measuring: first menhirs position south measuring height 48 cm, diameter 15 cm., And 57 cm to the east there is a menhir second with height 65 cm, diameter 25 cm.
Later in the same tomb about 450 cm to the north there is a menhir-third height of 45 cm diameter 15 cm. On the south side was found a fragment of a stone mortar, and in the middle of the east side of the stone sepulcher was also found fragments of two holes with mortar. The site is located at the position coordinates of 07o22 '.49,6 "Latitude Selatanm 108o.22' .39,0 'east longitude with an altitude of 262 m above sea level.
5. Village Madiasari
In Kampung Cikanyerem, there Madisari Village Site Sand Abas. On this site there are areas petilasan King Siliwangi and Kyai Abdul Anggamalang and lift stones called Kyai Lift Junjung, in addition there is also a tomb Kyai Patra Pajajaran Karangtengah and Satria Anom. Petilasan King Siliwangi and Kyai Abdul Anggamalang an expanse of stone measuring 270cm long, 100m LBR.
On a bed of stones, there are two menhirs, first menhir north beukuran height 27 cm width 30 cm and 14 cm thick, while the second menhir south side height 40 cm width 35 cm thick 15 cm, the distance between the two menhir is 65 cm. In the north there are Stone Lift petilasan situated on a bed of stone circle with a diameter of 170 cm and a stretch of the south side there is a stone altar stone. Stone lift photo
While Stone lift has a length of 55 cm width 27 cm 15 cm thick. In the east, there are grave Kyai petilasan Karangtengah Patra and adjacent western tomb contained Satria Anom Pajajaran characterized by round flat headstone type that has similarities with grave headstone in Ciomas Sumedang.
Later in the same village in Kampung Cidarma precisely there that the tomb is known as the tomb of Abdul Anggamalang Kyai. Sepulcher tomb rectangular with a length of 490 cm width 210 cm. On the northeast side of the tomb, there are two menhirs coincide with size: menhir west high 27 cm wide 19 cm thick 9 cm, menhir east high 37 cm wide 24 cm thick 19. The world has experienced rearrangement.
6. Village Cijulang
In Kampung Cirantai, Sindangsari Hamlet, Village Cijulang exactly in the east wall near the river Cigoang Leuwi Bunut Ganesha statues are the type Polynesia by the local community known as Stone Surabima, in the same village obtained information regarding Goa Wulung in Kampung Warunglegok. Tomb Flower Gadung known as Kapi Kyai tomb of Abraham, and the stone and mortar tombs are located in the Shower Mas dipuncak Ciwanasakit.
7. Sirnajaya Village (District Karangjaya)
Awiluar Hamlet, Village of Mount Umbrella website Sirnajaya there, and on this site are found some cultural remnants of them:
a. Stone Langkoban
Langkoban stone located at coordinates 07o27'55 "South latitude and 108o23'40, 1" east longitude with an altitude of 674 meters above sea level. Langkoban stone measuring 21 meters long, 15 meters high. This stone cave formed by the niche area of ​​about 56 m2. About 130 cm of the cave contained niches carved stone mortar on a boulder-sized. height 120 cm stone is carved in stone lumping the size and diameter of 55 cm.
b. Stone Pangasahan
Pangesahan stone consists of 17 lines, engraved on a stone the size of a length of 5 meters, with a height of 1.40 meters. Measures 35 cm in the longest line and the shortest line size of 15 cm. Pangesahan stone located at coordinates S 07. 28.00,1, E 108.23.27,4, with a height of 736 meters above sea level.
c. Stone staircase
The first stone staircase, diameter 30 cm, and 20 cm high. The second stone steps, diameter 50 cm, height 30 cm. Three to eight stairs carved on a large stone measuring 170 cm high, 160 cm wide.
d. Ki Jagaberok
Ki Jagaberok located at coordinates S and E 108.23.21,2 07.28.03,1 with a height of 699 meters above the sea surface. Ki Jagaberok bebentuk dolmen situated on two stones, large stones measuring 150 cm long and 90 cm high.
Approximately 40 cm of dolmen menhirs there with height 35 cm and width 16 cm. Approximately 250 meters from the Ki Jagaberok there are several sites located in the area of ​​approximately 1500 m2. The area is located at S 07. 28.01,4, E 108 23 17.6 744 with height above sea level. The sites contained in these areas include: Linga is situated on the flat rock measuring 75 cm high with a diameter of 25 cm, while the flat stone diameter of 80 cm and a height of 15 cm. Approximately 15 meters from the Linga there Makom Gumulung Sang Hyang White and his wife named Nyi Makom Gumulung White Queen.
In both these tombs are menhir.
Menhir on Makom Sang Hyang White Gumulung measuring 26 m high, 14 cm wide and 11 cm thick, while Nyi menhir White Queen Gumulung beukuran 29 cm high, 14 cm wide and 11 cm thick. Maom second distance 165 cm. Approximately 10 meters of Makom Sang Hyang there Gumulung White Stone Bracelet with a length of 280 cm, width 240 cm, and the barn site name. Approximately 5 meters from the Stone Bracelets are Makom Siti Munigar. On the tomb are menhir with height 20 cm, diameter 12 cm. The length sepulcher makam260 cm wide and 180 cm. At first glance it looks like a tomb stone on the grave site area batu.Lingkungan are virgin trees Wolong, kakaduan, hirung, kiara, jejambuan, kisegel, Harupat.
Then, approximately 100 meters from the site above, there Cikahuripan well site. At this site there is 1 jolang measuring length of 60 cm, width 32 cm, depth 15 cm. Additionally dakon 18 pieces scattered around it. Dakon the largest diameter of 20 cm, depth 17 cm. While dakonn smallest diameter of 5 cm with a depth of 8 cm. Jolang and dakon carved on a rock exposure. The well is located at coordinates Cikahuripan S.07.28.00, 2 E.108.23.17, 7 with a height of 729 m above sea level.
1. Village Karanglayung
Precisely in the hamlet there is the tomb MPU Pananjung Dalem Pananjung. According to information submitted to alm.Djotong ever Agus Mulyana (Mas Agus) that MPU Pananjung Dalem is a clever Domas imported from Galuh (Banjar Patroman) during the reign of Prince Panji Kusumah King Galuh Nagaratengah assigned heirloom weapons for war purposes tooling and agricultural tools and carpentry. Then there MPU, Nagaratengah prosper (peninsula), farmers grow land cultivated fields. Since it has been credited with making the people prosperous and the country, was named Dalem Pananjung, the site is located at S.07.25.14, 8 E.108.23.06, 2 and is located at the level of a 305 m above sea level.
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya


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