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Kaputihan site located in the village in the village Karoman Purwahayu District Taraju Tasikmalaya district. Kaputihan name is taken from the Hindu religion and behavioral changes in people at that time were considered to be dirty to be the religion of Islam as well as to change the behavior and way of worship is considered clean or putih.Sebelum named Kaputihan area called Pamujaan Hindu people in order Sukapura, while then ruling is King Trance scene with his aides King Kalang Jajar, King Kalang Manafa, King and King Puhun Mangkubumi landscape, at that time all the people disaerah Hindus.
Brief History Site Kaputihan
At the time of the Hindu area Copo / Kaputihan be in the kingdom Galuh allegedly led by a king named Ciung Vanara. King Galuh sent 3 penggawa belief that PRABU Sangiang SCENE with 2 (two) named PRABU prop Balang upstream row and PRABU world based Mangkubumi to remit extends the area while spreading Hinduism to meningatkan Galuh royal prosperity. To speed up the connection to the white king Ciung Vanara raised PRABU Manap prop and prop PRABU landscape. Thanks agility PRABU Sangiang Hindu SCENE development reaches the area Sukapura.
According to the saga, a few years later to the Copo / Kaputihan Waliyulloh sent by the arrival of a Demak kingdom to spread Islam, whose name SEIKH HAJI MIRACULOUS MEDAL DARMAJATI KUDRATULLOH So, with a mission to conquer the center of Hindu worship and propagate Islam. With magic PRABU Biosciences SCENE Copo as if swaying and unstable regions, but SEIKH HAJI been equipped with a tube called CUPU MANIK magic against Hindus. Efficacy of the plash when thrown, the swaying and unstable soil back to normal. The magic Adu takes many months and finally defeat all the adherents of Hinduism to Islam including PRABU then Sangiang balangnya SCENE and Hulu.
Relics that still exist today, are:
- STONE Sangiang SCENE, Standing Upright position, height and ± 170 cm ± 42 cm Central Line.
- STONE PANGKON, Lying position, having a length of ± 70 cm and ± 31 cm Central Line. This stone is said to be made by King Kalang Manap,
- NATURAL STONE, position Lying, ± 120 cm in length. The end of the Central Line ± 20 cm and a small tip of ± 10 cm. This stone is said to be made by King
Kalang landscape, and efficacious to determine the nature of nature up to 12 days qiamat point and until now has been to 5 pieces.
- CHAIRS and TABLES of Stone 1 Stel, where deliberation of the King,
- CUBE TRAY place to store offerings, measuring length ± 35 cm, ± 20 cm width. have four (4) feet in height ± 15 cm.
- Trance FLAT ROCK as much as 2 pieces, measuring ± 120 cm tall. And ± 170 cm wide. Stone is estimated Gate.
- STONE cannon, a total of 2 pieces with a size of ± 110 cm length.
- STONE pot of water / JAHAS, there are 3 (three) Fruit that have different sizes, namely:
1. Thick stone size Jahas ± 5 cm, height ± 38 cm and ± 67 cm Central Line.
2. Jahal stone measuring thickness ± 4 cm, height ± 35 cm and ± 50 cm Central Line.
3. Jahal stone measuring thickness ± 7 cm, height ± 35 cm and ± 43 cm Central Line.
It is said that the stone jahas contain water that never dry. According Kuncen (Guard Site), water from each of the jars / Jahas have different properties, namely:
1. Water Stone Jahas the first to hand wash that man is always clean heart,
2. Water Stone Jahas Second, if dropped kemata can see things that are useful,
3. Water Stone Jahas that to three, to fertilize rice or other crops.

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