Great Cupu Cave

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Great Cupu cave that is located in the hamlet village Cikebi Linggalaksana Cikatomas District, often also called cave Sukarno. Besides frequently visited by pilgrims general, said the cave is usually visited by family Sukarno (First President of the Republic of Indonesia), according to the narrative caretaker in the cave, said to often appear / appearance "supernatural Former First President of the Republic of Indonesia", this fascinating myth , is the main attraction for visitors, especially for fans / followers of the teachings of Sukarno fanatic.

The cave, which is quite interesting in terms of artistic, in addition to having difficulty level / low hazard, as well as access to the cave is quite easy. Cave with a length of 187 meters, it is quite complete when viewed from the diversity of ornaments, there stalacmit, stalactit, gourdin. dll.Gua is only used for the purpose of pilgrimage as well as activities, adventures and recreation, as 2 km from the site there is a place / best views in the district of Tasikmalaya, the Sand Nalangsa.
This cave has been improved, especially for pilgrimage visits, it can be seen from the steps that have been built, the hermitage is quite comfortable and access to the mouth of the cave is quite good.
Cave Registry Number: GT. 07. 09. 01
Cave Name / Synonyms: Cupu General / Sukarno
Coordinated Layout: 108 º 15 '11.4 "E 07 º 38' 50.5" LS
Altitude: 284 meters DPL
Bloc / village / hamlet: Cupu General / Cikebi
Village / District: Linggalaksana / Cikatomas
District / Province: Tasikmalaya / West Java
Sea / Mountain nearby: Indian / Sand Nalangsa
Shape the cave: Quadrilateral (amorphous)
Size of the mouth of the cave: 1.2 x 1.5 meters / semi-vertical
Long hallways cave: 384 meters (main hall)
Wide hallways cave: 0.8 - 7 meters
Location of the mouth of the cave / hallway: Cliff / horizontal
Load capacity: 10-100 people
Degree of difficulty: Easy
Land ownership: Land Village
Current caretaker: Kartoji (Toji)
Utilization of the caves as well: for pilgrimage tourism activities
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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