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What typical pilgrimage Sodonghilir (Seikh Tubagus Anggariji) and the cave is located in the village of Daha Cikalong Sodonghilir District. Located about 50 km from the city center Tasikmalaya. The area of ​​about 2 hectares, Seikh Tubagus Anggariji from Banten. He was a pupil Seikh Abdul Muchyi Pamijahan who spread the religion of Islam in West Java Province.
In spreading Islam, the religion of Islam spread apart around the corners of his village to teach religion in the cave the cave Daha / Rahong, given the security situation is not safe.
Syech Tiubagus Anggariji is santrinya Waliyulloh Syech H. Abdul Muhyi Pamijahan. According to information from multiple kasepuhan, predecessors, he was a descendant of Maulana Hasanudin Syech Banten,
he came to his parents Pamijahan was sent to demand Islamic boarding school in Seikh H. Abdul Muhyi Pamijahan.
During the Seikh studied H. Abdul Muhyi, Seikh Tubagus Anggariji quite prominent in today requires knowledge that the teacher was entrusted to lead / co-head of several other students. He was appointed as Chief of students or Rois.
Since seeing his intelligence and wit, her growing confidence in the teacher, so the teacher gives the task of spreading the Islamic religion in the village of Jati sub Desa Cikalong Sodonghilir Tasikmalaya district.
Many public confidence in him because he saw many science presented, aside from that he possessed the abnormalities in steady qiro'at kalam divine and prayer.
In his family status is a virgin / celibate until his death he never married (1529 M).
Cave Daha / Rahong much has the beauty that symbolizes the struggle Seikh Tb. Anggariji when spread Islam. So that it can draw attention to ditapakuri and thanked the greatness of Allah SWT dsn gus has beautiful natural scenery, making it the Cave of privilege can be intriguing place to visit, as well as see the trail tread Seikh Tubagus Anggariji struggle to spread Islam.
After a while he lived in the village of Jati village Cikalong he died and buried in village Jati now known pilgrimage site Seikh Tubagus Anggariji.
Profile Caves Daha / Rahong:
Cave Name / Synonyms: Daha / Rahong
Coordinated Layout: 108 º 02 '47.8 "E 07 º 27' 07.0" LS
Altitude: 444 meters DPL
Bloc / village / hamlet: Cikaret / Cipogor
Village / District: Cikalong / Sodonghilir
District / Province: Tasikmalaya / West Java
Shape the cave: Round / oval (amorphous)
Size of the mouth of the cave: 4.2 x 11.4 meters
Long hallways cave: 352 meters (main hall)
Wide hallways caves: from 0.8 to 14 meters
Load capacity: 100 - 1000 people
Degree of difficulty: Easy-Difficult
Land ownership: Land Village
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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