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Sub Sariwangi save a lot of historical relics, purportedly kebataraan center and is located in the district of the kingdom Galunggung leuwisari (Village Linggawangi (Rumantak) and Sand Geger HANJUANG, Part of the activities carried out in the rock Sariwangi District ampar located diperbukitan Galunggung foothills, and in the Village District Sukamulih Sariwangi ie Walahir, there are some relics at the site include the graves of the ancestors Galunggung ampar periodization of Islam and stones, according to the narrative of one community, ampar stone is a ritual ceremony at the royal era Galunggung, while Walahir site located quite close to the site and site Linggawangi Hanjuang Geger, it is very possible religious activities conducted at both locations, as many visit the site either for research or pilgrimage.
Some graves are often ziarahi include:
- Grandmother Latifah (expert qiro'ah)
- Grandmother H. Dalem Wirakusumah worship, grandparent Gorah, Grandmother Mutholib
- Grandmother Kenong, Rajawisuta grandparent, grandparent Wirakusumah
- Grandmother Panjisena, Panjiseta grandparent, grandparent Tubagus Lanjar
- Dayang Sumedang Grandmother, Grandmother Sumedang, Dalem Cigeuleum Grandmother, Grandmother DaleumTegal Munding, Ciung Vanara
- Grandmother Peundeuy sarongs, sarongs Grandmother Crow, Ambu Sumaerah Wirakusumah, ovaries shriveled / Pajaji Way, Wira Buana grandparent, grandparent Ali, grandparent H. Tubagus Urif and Kiayi Ahmad
- Grandmother Sembah Dalem Wiradadaha
Sources: Disparbud Kab. Tasikmalaya

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