Karapyak Beach

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One of the tourist attractions in the area Pangandaran beach is a tourist attraction located in the village Karapyak Bagolo , Kalipucang District , District Pangandaran . This attraction , has a beautiful beach panorama which if developed would be a potential attraction .
Facilities Karapyak beach attractions for a while this has parking area , stalls / shops , cottage managed locals , fish auctions , the mosque, toilets , and most of the shoreline used to empower local communities seaweed . Distance from Pangandaran beach attraction to the highway leading to the location of ± 10 km while the directions to the location of the road through the village attractions ± 3 km to the poor road infrastructure . This attraction is managed by the District Government through the Department of Tourism District Pangandaran Pangandaran , the admission price is calculated per vehicle for wheel 4 ( four ) of Rp . 27.500 , - and wheel 2 ( two ) of Rp . 10.000 , - including dues hygiene and safety .
Location of this attraction , far enough from the highway Pangandaran - Banjar and the road to attractions severe enough to make tourists are reluctant to visit but this is great attraction to visit.
Advantage this attraction is a beautiful beach with a panoramic view of the waves are not too big with a fresh breeze of air around the coast so as to provide that is not too hot . Karapyak attraction when developed will be able to attract tourists as much as possible and will extend the length of stay (long stay ) in the leading tourist Pangandaran can even be used as a flagship for the exciting tour packages for tourists , ranging from Pangandaran beach tour packages , Green Canyon , Batu Hiu , Nini Coral Beach and coastal attractions Karapyak and other attractions in the tourist area around Pangandaran , and when well laid out involving all sectors , it will make the tourist area that is not inferior to the tourist area in Bali .
The foregoing may be realized when prepared in Human Resources ( HR) is a reliable and professional on the various fields of science in support of the tourism sector as well as well as increase public awareness of the importance of the tourism sector in order to increase the value of people's lives and increase revenue ( PAD ) both the District and the Province of West Java Pangandaran .

Location : Village Bagolo , District Kalipucang
Coordinates : 07 ° 41'31 .6 " S 108 ° 45'11 .9 " E
Phone : 0265-771421
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Internet :
Directions : 87 km from Kudat town to the south
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