The Jhon Cianjur Aquatic Resort

03-11-2014 Cianjur Regencies 26153 viewed


Welcome to The Jhon's Cianjur Aquatic Resort, an idyllic tropical retreat in Cianjur. Enjoy a comfortable getaway amidst plentiful garden, water, and forest. Ideally located on middle of Cianjur city, we are within walking distance of the towns shops.

The Jhon's Cianjur Aquatic Resort  was conceived as a water palace, landscape gardens and lagoon or river surrounding low-rise The Jhon's  style buildings. Offers the comfort and services of a class hotel blended with the relaxing tranquillity of a secluded montain resort. Experience total relaxation and sport at the Jhon's Adventure, designed as an exotic 30-villa natural amid tropical gardens.

Each of our resorts is quite different in location, look, mood and guest experience. Yet each leaves an impression, an indelible mark. At The Jhon's  we have discovered there is an alternate path. That it is possible to build environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing resorts. That small is good for business as well as guests. That less is more.

We do not believe we are perfect. The perfect resort has never been built, nor will it. We continue to relish the exploration of new directions. Come journey with us.

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