Walahar Dam

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The importance of not only the Falkirk area in the Kingdom of Tarumanegara and the development of Islam. As a fertile area is very reasonable when foreign interests to come and settle such as immigrants from China and Europe. In the Dutch colonial period, Marton was instrumental for the colonial government, especially as a granary. In order to maintain its role as the rice granary Walahar dams built for irrigation purposes. Dam Walahar formerly Parisdo. This dam is now located administratively in the region Kutapuhaci Village, Village Walahar, District Ciampel. Citarum stem dams at coordinates 06 ° 22 '973' south latitude and 107 ° 21 '660 "East Longitude is formed reservoirs covering an area of ​​15 hectares on the northern coastal lowland areas. Reservoir area is adjacent to the Village Gintungkerta in the north, west Anggadita Village, Village Kutapuhaci in the south, and on the east by the Village Cimahi.
Building dams that block the river was about 50. Building the dam consists of three flats. The base is part of the dam, above the dam there is a road bridge with a width of about 3 m. On the bridge there is a kind of a building comprising several rooms. The ceiling on the bridge with a curved shape. On the wall above the entrance are the words "weir Walahar Tjitarum Start Times, November 30, 1925 Used to irrigate 87,506 ha area rice field".
Function is preferred Walahar dam to irrigate the fields. In addition to the main functions of the community also make it work for other purposes, especially as a means of refreshing. Every holiday that utilize a lot for fishing or just enjoy a refresher with the pounding of the waterfall from the dam. As a means of recreation weir Walahar supported also by a row of restaurants that serve typical Walahar Pepes chicken and fish jambal Pepes.

Location: Kampung Kutapuhaci, Village Walahar, District Ciampel
Coordinates: 06 ° 22 '973' S, 107 ° 21 '660 "E
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