Sand Terraces Punden Lulumpang

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Lulumpang located in Kampung Pasir Cimareme, Cimareme Village, District Banyuresmi. Located at coordinates: 107 º 57'09, 1 "longitude and 07 º 16'6" LS LS with a height of about 680 m above sea level. Almost the entire area of ​​the site at present (1995) has used the land for plantations by the locals with Teak overgrown by trees and other plants owned by Mr. OHA.
Sand Lulumpang site located ± 11 km from the City Main Page. Locations can be achieved by using a four-wheeled vehicles or two-wheeled vehicles from the City of Garut to Leles, until disimpang Tarogong, turn eastward by passing Situ Bagendit that have been developed as a natural tourist attraction. Arriving at the village of Simpang Cimareme, RW within the next 01 reached by the two-wheeled vehicles or on foot through the streets had been cemented up to the site. Time to achievement of the City Main Page on the site ± 45 minutes
Archaeological sites Lulumpang news Sand newly emerged in November 1993, according to a report Kandepdikbud Kabupeten Main Page of the existence of two archaeological objects in the Village Cimareme, District Banyuresmi, who earlier this object has never been recorded by the NJ Chrome in the Rapporten van den Oudheidkundigen Diens in Netherlands Indies (ROD 1914). Then a review is carried to the site by a team from the Institute for Archaeology Bandung in June 1994 and February 1995.
Sand Lulumpang has natural boundary to the east is the river of water only in rainy season, west flowing rivers and Cimuara Cijangkameong that both river water flows into the River Cimanuk located on the north site, the site contained in the Northwest Mountain Haruman and Kaledong and former marsh Rancagabus that some still watery, and Mount Haruman m, erupakan highest peak in the region.
Lulumpang sand lies with a north-south direction and slope of about 45 ° on the northeast edge of the swamp Ranca cork. Swamp Ranca Cork stretches between some hills or sand that is Lulumpang Sand, Sand Kiara Umbrella, Middle Sand, Sand Kolocer, Astaria Sand, Sand Luhur, Sand Hanging, Cape Sand, Sand of Malacca. River flows in the north Ciledug containing many stones.
Sand sites Lulumpang punden findings of two terraces. Punden I located on the west side of the hill which occupies an area of ​​73 x 38 x 42 m, with punden orientation toward the east-west. Punden I consisted of 13 steps / terraces of andesite rock materials.
• Terrace I is the uppermost terrace trapezoidal in shape with size 30.5 mx 13.5 m, the land is relatively flat and large lots planted with teak trees, found two pieces of stone and mortar stone structure resembles a triangle shape.
• Terrace II, sized 11 mx 4 m, height 1.25 m the composition of the stone wall and found a fruit stone mortar and stone tilted upright position standing in pairs.
• Terrace III measures 13 x 2.5 m, with a height of 90 cm m, found two pieces of stone lumping.
• Terrace IV measures 5 x 36.5 m, with a wall height of 90 cm, stone structure is still compact and orderly.
• Terrace V is almost equal in size to a terrace IV, but the wall height 160 cm, large sebegian wall was damaged by the roots of teak trees;
• Terrace VI size 36.5 mx 4 m and 160 cm high walls, stone structure in some parts have been damaged and lost.
• Terrace VII, measuring 36.5 mx 5 m, with a terrace wall height 160 cm, some stones have been lost.
• Terrace VIII measuring 36.5 mx 3 m, with a terrace wall height 120 cm.
• Terrace IX measuring 36.5 mx 4 m, with a high terrace walls remaining 1 m, the condition of the porch is still intact.
• Terrace X measuring 36.5 mx 4 m, with high walls of stone terrace 160 largely intact.
• Terrace with patio-sized XI X, the condition of intact rock.
• Terrace XII is a land of steps, the stone is no longer measuring 36.5 mx 5 m, with a terrace wall height 160 cm.
• Terrace XIII steps no longer intact and there is no longer stone structure measuring 36.5 mx 2.5 m, with steps of 40 cm high wall.
Punden terraces II is located approximately 80 m from punden staircase consists of 9 steps or terraces made of andesite stone. Punden II has the top steps of (i) measuring 12 x 9 m and 120 m high steps, moderate steps at the bottom measuring 33 mx 4 m, 120 cm high wall. Also from the excavation found fragments of pottery, fragments of iron, millstones (gandik), and fragments of obsidian.
Sand Lulumpang sites are relics of megalithic tradition of punden equipped with staircase-mortar stone mortar, this is one model building punden who had not previously encountered. Mortar-mortar stone seemed to be a substitute for a common complement menhir buildings such as terraces punden punden Lebak Cibedug staircase, Pangguyangan (Cisolok). Mortar-mortar complement punden stone staircase at the Sand Site Lulumpang seems to be the symbolic artefacts in the context denagn megalithic religious system. Mortar-mortar stone terraces on the site punden Sand Lulumpang thought to have a function in terms of worship organized by communities of supporters. The purpose of worship by using a stone mortar or stone as a medium dakon estimated ceremonies associated with rites of fertility / agriculture to the success of Panan later or as an expression of gratitude for the harvest keberhahasilan achieved. Such ceremonies are usually held by the traditional peasant communities in the West Java area, commonly called the ceremony of the Earth's intent; ngalaksa; serentaun as is still done by the indigenous Bedouin community, Cikondang, Subang, Sukabumi.
Sand Lulumpang site could be developed as a cultural tourist attraction because of the findings of the megalithic culture are quite varied kind punden staircase, mortar stones, menhirs, will feature an attraction for students or students who are interested in history and archeology. With the availability of means of transportation in the form of public transportation vehicles and OJEG will make it easier for tourists to get here.

Location: Kampung Cimareme, Cimareme Village, District Banyuresmi, Garut regency.
Coordinates: 107 º 57'09, 1 "S, 07 º 16'6" E
Directions: Sand Site Lulumpang are ± 11 km from the town of Garut. Locations can be achieved by using a four-wheeled vehicles or two wheelers from the city of Garut to Leles, until disimpang Tarogong, turn eastward by passing Situ Bagendit that have been developed as a natural tourist attraction. Arriving at the village of Simpang Cimareme, then in the neighborhood RW 01 reached by the two-wheeled vehicle or walking through the streets has been cemented to the site. Time to achievement of Garut city on the site ± 45 minutes
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