Geopark Tourism Ciletuh

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Ciletuh region, Tamanjaya-Ciemas, Sukabumi is known as one of the three places on the island of Java, which reveals the oldest age group of rocks in Java that makes this area so unique and rare in geology. The rocks are exposed on the surface shows a very exotic scenery, both in terms of composition and in terms of natural rock, making the area Ciletuh very unique and not found elsewhere. To take Ciletuh Geopark area is not easy, traveling from Sukabumi towards the area taken approximately 4 hours drive. Ciletuh Geopark is estimated to be 41-60 years ago.

In general tourist sites in the Geopark Ciletuh still in development, of which there are several tourist attractions in Ciletuh which consists of 5 waterfalls, panoramic, beach, geological rock there are several locations that are still difficult to access to reach there by road is wearing vehicles and there is by sea that is used a boat.

To tour the sea route you will be taken to a geological region that is unique and rare rocks belonging to the existing geological rock millions of years ago there were at sea region Cikepuh. While the attraction through the land you will be taken to a waterfall attractions, beaches, and natural scenery Ciletuh geopark region. To access all the land itself has tourist sites can be reached by regular vehicle for access to reach the tourist sites is not adequate and it was even access to the road is rocky and steep. Therefore, here is a travel adventure travel using offroad vehicle.

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