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14-04-2015 Bandung City 27463 viewed


On Sunday, September 14th 2014, Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil, launched a new thematic park called Movie Park. This park is located under Pasoepati Highway, Tamansari, Kecamatan Bandung Wetan, Bandung. The park becomes a place that is used to appreciate youth's film works.

For the opening, there were three prime of movies were screened in Bandung Movie Park. Those were "Airis 1", "Love Paper", and "Percaya". These movies were kind of short movies made by young people of Bandung. The duration of each movies was no more than 10 minutes.

The design of Bandung Movie Park was created by architect consulting company, SHAU, located in Jakarta. The area is 1300 m2 and has a capacity of up to 500 people. The park is equipped with Videotron size 4m x 8m and has the power up to 33,000 watts of electricity.

The seats are molded into the amphitheater with dynamic winding seats. The comfortable synthetic grass applied as its floor is used to sit while watching the movies.

Aside from its use to watch movies, the park can also be an alternative as a gathering place for the families. Dating and smoking are not allowed here.

Suits the theme, this park was specifically designed to watch movies produced by Bandung filmmakers and communities. Bandung Movie Park is managed by Bandung Film Community and Bandung Department of Urban Landscapping.

Various types of movies are played every day. They are either local movies such as Bandung Indie movies, national movies or international movies as Hollywood, Bollywood, and Korean. Bandung Movie Park can even also be used to watch the football broadcasts. The schedule of the movie screenings are every Monday-Friday from 18:30 to 21:00 pm and Saturday-Sunday at 17:00-22:00 pm.

It is hoped that Bandung Movie Park is able to raise such excellent filmmakers from Bandung itself. Surely the visitors should also be able to take care of it. Becauce it would be very unfortunate if the park that has been made with a good concept is not maintained properly.


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