Cisanti Lake

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Very much a choice of alternative natural tourist destinations in London. Start of outbound tourism, Geotourism (Earth tour) to artificial tourist deliberately created by human hands. Bandung is no doubt to problems such nature. On the outskirts of Bandung also seemed not to be outdone and continue to promote their superior nature. One of them in the area of Bandung Regency ya there is a Lake (lake in Sundanese) is unique and beautiful. Nothing wrong with the uniqueness of this lake is now in social media such as Instagram and Path many photo spread about it / this lake.

You may have often know about Lake Patengan / Lake of Ciwidey Bandung regency. But perhaps among you not many people know about it / lake this one. The place is quite far from the city center and is located in the woods. And this is also what makes it / This lake is maintained beauty.

What makes it unique is that it / This lake is upstream of the CRB and a witness to history because there is a Patilasan of Dipatiukur. Where it is the name of AIS Cisanti ..

Cisanti there is a lake located in the middle of the forest eucaliptus and it is located quite high from sea level. Many say that Lake Cisanti like a "pulse West Java" because Lake Cisanti which is the headwaters of the CRB, the largest and widest river in West Java which has a length of about 269 km and divide 12 districts and cities.

Cisanti it is located at the foot of Mount Wayang are now included in the area of Perum Perhutani. Not only a very important role for the source of life of the citizens of West Java Lake Cisanti is one of the witnesses the history of the kingdom until the first colonial era. Cisanti there is a petilasan (haven) from Dipatiukur, which is a district officer of the regents Priangan the 17th century. Dipatiukur led an army to attack the Dutch in Batavia in 1628. It is said that the defeat Dipatiukur caused by the betrayal of another Sundanese community leaders, and eventually his Dipatiukur and easily defeated.

According to the newspaper, Bujangga Manik, son of the King of Padjadjaran, in the 5th century visited this Cisanti Lake on his way to visit holy places in Java and Bali to walk alone.

Not only save the history and benefits for the citizens of West Java. Cisanti there is very exotic and interesting place to visit, especially for you who often hunting for a unique and ga mainstream. In Lake Cisanti there are some unique spots and is suitable for pictures and fun and cool bernarsis also create uploaded in social media.

Location / Address Lake Cisanti

Lake Cisanti located at the foot of Mount Wayang approximately 60 kilometers south of the city of Bandung and can be reached by a two-wheeled vehicle or four wheel around 2-3 hours. Lake Cisanti located in Kampung Pejaten Tarumajaya Village, District Kertasari Bandung regency.

To reach the site can be accessed in two ways. First through the region earlier PANGALENGAN with tea plantations along the Malabar. Actually, with the passing of this region can be regarded PANGALENGAN closer to the road that is not too steep, but the road route is quite difficult, lonely, damaged and easier to get lost due to lack of special road signs.

The second route is through Bandung - Ciwastra - Ciparay - Pacet - Cibeureum and subsequent Kertasari. You could say this second route through the streets will be slightly uphill and turning, but the street on the second route is better and smoother than the first route.

Lake facilities Cisanti

You could say this Cisanti Lake has complete facilities ranging from a toilet, praying to lodge / cottage wood that can be used to stay and enjoy the night in the woods Lake Cisanti. In Lake Cisanti region also you can camp with friends who liked the outdoors guys.

You could say this is a meeting Lake Cisanti of 7 springs that are there. Among them is the spring Cikahuripan (Pangsiraman), springs Cihaniwung, Citarum Mastaka springs, springs Cisadane Cikoleberes springs, spring and last spring Cikawedukan Cisanti.

Of the seven springs that exist in Lake Cisanti, is the most popular spring Pangsiraman. Pangsiraman spring is surrounded by an iron fence and there are buildings for those who want to do a "pilgrimage" in this region. To get into this location you can not be yourself because guarded by a caretaker who occasionally there.

In this region Pangsiraman springs and very clear blue water. Here you can not bathe in the spring any of this because there is an etiquette that should be done before.

At this location there are two parts, the parts for men and women. Usually this is true in the nights that are considered good to make a pilgrimage, as on Thursday night and it will be more crowded in the light of the moon at the time Maulud.

In that place sometimes often present a caretaker who are ready to help to "bathe" You like doing a splash of marriage in which the entire body will be dampened by pouring water from these springs. According to one caretaker Pangsiraman, the purpose of this pilgrimage to various places, but most of them are to gain sobriety, youthful, lightly mate, wealth until the position.

If you do not want to "shower", you should really just to wash your face or a little water play in this place. And the most important thing in this place is perfect for photographs narcissistic guys because it's unique and ga mainstream. Hahaa ..: D

Admission Lake Cisanti

To be able to enjoy all the beauty of this Cisanti Lake you only need to spend around 7500 dollars / person. And vehicle parking money 2rb dollars / motors and 5rb dollars / car. How cheap the natural attractions in Lake Cisanti? Let's go there guys!

Nahh guys that he review of the nature Situ Cisanti. Let the streets there and a message when there do not litter that is still beautiful nature and that we can enjoy for the survival of our children and grandchildren later.


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