Superhero Park

14-04-2015 Bandung City 26165 viewed


Among the BengawanStreet andAnggrek Street, Bandung, there is a park called Superhero Park. The park formerly known as Taman Anggrek(Anggrek Park) thatwidth about 600 m2 and relativelypleasant because a lot of trees that protects the visitors from the exposure of sunlight.
One of superhero that display in the park is Gatotkaca statue. Gatotkaca is one of character in West Java traditional puppet story known as Wayang Golek. Gatotkaca statue is created by a famous artist from Bandung. His body is composed from unused metal pieces. The weight of the statue is up to a hundreds of pounds.
In this park, not only Gatotkaca statueis on display, but there are also a number of statues, such as Spiderman, Batman, Superman, and a local superhero Gundala “The Son of Thunder”. The park is build through the Bandung City Government budget. Previouslythe condition of this park were not organized and muddy if its rain.
In Superhero Park there are also some games arena such as swings, slides, and the other arcade games, as well as some seating to take a rest.
Besides as a place to unwind and enjoy the free internet access, the park is also often used by the children from elementary school nearby the park to perform a variety of outdoor activities.


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