Cibeunying Park

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One of the parks in the reign of the Dutch Indies that left in Bandung is Tjibeunjing Plantsoen or nowadays known as a Cibeunying Park. Despite called parks, its function is not really a park, but also a place for the sale of ornamental plants. Before became a place of selling ornamental plants, this green area was overgrown with trees that were not regularly as part of the green line that extends from Taman Cilaki(Cilaki Park) to Taman Bengawan (Bengawan Park).
Cibeunying Park was transformed into an ornamental plants stock exchanges around the 1980s by the mayor of Bandung at that time, Mr. Ateng Wahyudi. The leafy trees of Tjibeunjing Plantsoen turned into stalls plants that presenting plants in a variety of types and colors.
At that time, Mr. AtengWahyudi want to make a regular green line, so the ornamental plants sellersare allowed to vend at this place. This ornamental plants sellers arerelocated from its previous location atSeram Street. Although initially not enthusiastic, but more and more the ornamental plants sellers that moved toCibeunying Park. Now, there are about above 45 sellersin this park.
Cibeunying Park is also often used as a gathering place for some communities, among others there are the LanguageCommunities that often gather for conversation practice together in this park.
There are also a Bike Shelter, a dirt track, a rocky track, a big gazebo that located in the center of the park and some seating around the park.


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