Photography Park

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Photography Park is a park which is specially provided for either photographers or photography lovers to express themselves through the camera lens. The park was originally named Taman Cempaka, but after its inauguration the name changed to Photography Park.
Photography Park which is located in Jalan Taman Cempaka, Kelurahan Cihapit, Kecamatan Sumur Bandung was inaugurated by Bandung Mayor, Ridwan Kamil on Saturday, December 21st, 2013. At 10:00 pm, the opening was implemented with the signing of the Wall of Fame by all communities and photography networking who attended the park at the time.
At the opening of Photography Park, aside from the communities and photography networking there were also officials from the Department of Culture and Tourism Bandung City and Directorate of Fine Arts Development (Kemenparekraf).
Photography Park has a “C” symbol which means "Cempaka" or "Camera". As the first theme park in this city, this park provides six frames made of metal to fill by the photographers from various backgrounds and ages to showcase their works. The area is 500 m2 and there are a place to sit to relax, games for children, and some large trees known as “Ki Hujan” in local term.. In the middle of the park there are electrical substations and some results of the photos displayed.
To attract the visitors, the park is complemented with free Wi-Fi access, a small library, and a gatehouse where the security and the comfort of which will always be taken care of for 24 hours. Its shape is triangular and located in a shady area. Photography Park is revitalized through CSR program (Corporate Social Responsibility) of one of the private banks.
Photography Park has a routine activity in every two months which is photo exhibition from a number of communities. The photographers are free to fill the six red frames back and forth that are available in this park. Also, the theme will be replaced with a different theme in every two months.
There is a photography class held by “Eyeseephoto” for free in every Monday morning. “Eyeseephoto” is a photo community that provides volunteering services of teaching photography with various techniques in every week.



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