Pet Park

14-04-2015 Bandung City 27441 viewed


Pet Park is a thematic park located in Jalan Cilaki. The area is 1.000 m2 and is designed as a playground for animal lovers with their own pets.

This park is provided for the communities or animal lovers. "This park does not refer to one kind of animal only. Cats, dogs are permitted. The park is also made cool so it can be used and enjoyed by publics," said Kepala Dinas Pemakaman dan Pertamanan (the Head of the Park and Cemetery Agency), Bandung City.

Because many people complained and felt disturbed by people who brought their pets to the park, Bandung city government provides a special park for animals that can be visited by animal lovers and their pets.

Pet Park has a number of special facilities for animals such as jogging track, a tool dexterity for animals and the animal cages. In fact, this park also provides a special toilet for the pets. This anticipation is to prevent the park being contaminated by the pets' dirts.

For the management, the park is maintained by Dinas Pemakaman dan Pertamanan (the Park and Cemetery Agency), Bandung City and will not be handed over to the third parties. Communities are allowed to contribute or to do routine activities in the park, with one condition that the cleanliness and the orderliness must be well-maintained. Just like the rules in the other parks, it is not allowed to organize such activities that have economic value.


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