Persib Park

14-04-2015 Bandung City 27444 viewed


Persib Park is a thematic park located in lapangan Ciujung, Jalan Supratman, Bandung. The name of the park is derived from the name of the football team in West Java, the icon of Bandung City which is Persib. It stands for Persatuan Sepak Bola Indonesia Bandung (Bandung Indonesian Football Association).

The football field availabe in this park is intended for anyone who wants to play football for free. Although it is free, it is still suggested to first apply for a permit addressed to the Park and Cemetery Agency, Bandung City. It is in order to avoid any conflict of schedules for those who want to use the Persib Park.

There are two mini fields covered by synthetic grass with each of its size is 16x26m and nets that restrict the location of Persib Park. Also, there are red-painted park benches at the end of the corner facing the military headquarters.

In addition, there is also free WiFi access and an open museum that has Persib Bandung as its theme. Persib Park is designed not only to play football but also to hang out, complemented by the touch of education about the history of the football team from West Java, Persib.

The Head of Dinas Pemakaman dan Pertamanan Kota Bandung (the Park and Cemetery Agency, Bandung City) said that the field management in Persib Park is fully authorized by Bandung city government through Bandung Park and Cemetery Agency and will not be handed over to the third parties. It is also expected for the visitors to maintain its cleanliness.


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