Cikondang Waterfall

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Cikondang waterfall known as the Niagara mini. Located not far from the site of Mount Padang.
But do not think the meaning Kondang in Cikondang means famous. Ci is certainly derived from the word cai, which means water. While famous is the name of a type of trees or in the Latin loa subracemosa Blume Ficus. This tree can grow as tall as 40 feet and a diameter of 1.75 meters. Found in the forests of Southeast Asia, usually in Java grows in an altitude of 1,500 meters above sea level.
Cikondang waterfall is about 37 kilometers southeast of downtown Cianjur. At least there are two paths that can be taken from the city center to the waterfall Cianjur for this. The first path, from Cianjur-Sukabumi road turn left into Jalan Cilaku, further Cibeber. Secondly, through the point Kondang and Lampegan.
On weekends many tourists heading to this waterfall. As a result, the home page becomes the arena owned by residents parking. From the parking lot or street Sukadana village, visitors must pass through the path on the outskirts of the tea plantation PTPN VIII Panyairan. Not far from the gate, there is a counter inside the waterfall Cikondang.
To enter the location of each visitor tour enough to pay Rp 5,000. Apparently, this levy is managed independently by the Village Sukadana or plantation workers. It is seen from admission in the form of small paper-like rolls of paper for the gathering, but seared SP BUN Panyairan.
From the gate where the waterfall is not visible. Only when up in a corner, there appears there was a river. Apparently that's the peak of the waterfall.
Past the banks of the tea garden, finally looks too waterfall Cikondang. An amazing view directly presented in front of the eye. Water flowed so profusely, plunging from the mouth of the waterfall. The water flow was widened, probably about 30 yards, giving the impression of this large waterfall.
Waterfall height of about 50 meters. If you've been to the waterfall Malela in District cavity, West Bandung Regency, roughly the same shape. No wonder the nickname Little Falls or Niagara mini was stopped by the waterfall Cikondang.
If you want to swim or just soak in this waterfall should be careful. At the top of the waterfall, there are processing or traditional gold mining. Typically, these gold processing through the process of amalgamation with mercury or mercury used to separate gold from the soil.
Unfortunately, at this point there is no supporting facilities. There is no public bathroom, toilet, or musala. That there is only a small shop to simply block the stomach rumbling.

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