Agile Park

27-07-2015 Bandung City 27445 viewed


Parks not only serves as a play area or a place to relax. Parks can be a place to exercise to keep the body healthy and fit.
Aware of the importance of Ruang Terbuka Hijau (RTH) or in English “Green Open Space” for the creation of the cleaner air and the environment of Bandung, Bandung City Government in cooperation with one of food and beverage brand doing the development of open space in the center of Bandung city, which named as Agile*) Park (Taman Gesit). The name of Agile Park is taken from the one of formula milk brand tagline, namely “Gerak Lebih Gesit” or in English “Move Agiler”. The facilities that exist inside this park can support the visitors to be able to move more actively to support a healthy lifestyle.
Located at Dipatiukur street, Bandung, with an area of approximately 320 m2, Agile Park was designed with the concept of green and active. Green concept outlined in a green park area, equipped with a canopy and tree decks that can be utilized by a variety of environment  community to move. While active concept was visualized with a play area that facilitated with various sports games such as monkey bars, incline board, and spider web.
Located close to the Car Free Day (CFD) area which is along Dago Street, making Agile Park as an open space which can be used and strategically for Bandung citizens to get an exercise and more active with a variety of sports games facilities that have been provided.
*)Agile: “Able to move quickly and easily”.


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