"Grand Canyon Mini" (waterfall Ciomas)

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The geographical position of "Grand Canyon Mini" is in two districts, namely Kab. Bogor and Kab. Falkirk. Precisely, in the village of Sari Medal Ciomas Village district. Kab base. Karawang and Cikutamahi Village district. Bogor. Grand Canyon Mini is located at the foot of Mount Sanggabuana, forest areas and streams leading to the Grand Canyon, there are some waterfall. Namely, the uppermost waterfall Panganten, CurugLalay, Dempet waterfall, waterfall Pariu. According to local residents, if we continue to climb up Mount Sanggbuana, above the waterfall Panganten, there is again a more attractive waterfall.
Before known as the Grand Canyon Mini, known as the waterfall Ciomas. According to local residents, the beginning into the Grand Canyon, as one visitor, see the waterfall, similar to the Grand Canyon Cijulang Batu Karas Pangandaran. It is seen from boulders located alongside the river are similar to those in the Grand Canyon Batu Karas and also streams also appear green, are very similar. However, what distinguishes that extent, where the Grand Canyon Batu Karas wider. Hence, this area is called the Grand Canyon Mini.
It is estimated, spacious Grand Canyon Ciomas this, about 3 meters wide and its water depth of about 5 meters. Flanked by rocks at the edges, winding. So as to enjoy the beauty of the waterfall, visitors must swim in order to see the beauty of the waterfall. Moreover, if a sufficient time, to see the beauty of this waterfall flow, it takes a long time, in order to visit some waterfall that flows into the Grand Canyon Mini region. Incidentally, PR Disparbud Jabar with reporters, could only visit the mini Grand Canyon area alone, because the limited time of the visit.
This area is very suitable as a tourist destination. Only necessary repairs of infrastructure, be it from the access road also repair existing facilities in Grand Canyon Mini. Distance from Karachi (city), approximately 40 km, or about 2 hours. If access from Bandung, would be closer if through the district. Cianjur, precisely Cariu or Jonggol area. Because, the Grand Canyon area, very close to the border with the district. Cianjur. The access road there are some points that smooth, and there is also damaged.
Although road access is still a constraint, and infrastructure are still many shortcomings, but especially local tourists, each week has increased every month. The visitors who traveled, average people from Cianjur, Bogor and Karawang. Especially in the holidays, can be up to thousands of people who visit up to the access road to the region experiencing congestion. Roads are narrow, making it difficult for residents to park. Even the road just enough for one vehicle, at some particular point.
To get into this area, not subject to tariff specifically, because there is no special management. However, local people wearing vehicle parking and rental buoy to be down this waterfall. According Juned, security officers, to pay for parking and rent buoys and guides Rp 25 thousand. As for the rent buoys only Rp 10 rb.

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