Cilembang Lake

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There is a new phenomenon in the world of tourism in Indonesia-or maybe in the world? - That the role of social media in introducing each attraction. When caught the attention of netizens and become a trending topic, then certainly the number of visits to a site will increase sharply. The tourists as "vying" to be the first to visit an attraction and prove the truth of the words "friend" in cyberspace.

One place that is currently ketiban pulung received the "gift" of a new form of marketing is Situ Hariang Cilembang in the village, district. Buahdua, Kab. Sumedang. Thanks to an intense conversation in social media, the number of tourists visiting this place increases. The place is paralleled by Direct Saja Ke Mirror Labuan Borneo. This place is sometimes referred to as Sirah Cilembang, Situ Cilembang, or Blue Lake Hariang Cilembang.

The clear water Situ Cilembang
Cilembang Situ beauty lies in the blue water like a painter who paints exposed accidentally spilled. However, it is actually true color is clear Situ Cilembang clean. The blue color of this tiny there is a reflection of the sky were translated perfectly by water Situ Cilembang who have not contaminated.

Not surprisingly, there the water is very clean because basically this place is a spring that is the source of water for residents
around. Therefore, visitors are strictly forbidden to descend and plunge into it as deep as three meters so that water is not contaminated. Other rules to keep in mind is do not visit this spring on Tuesdays and Fridays.

As a potential to boost tourism potential, Situ Cilembang course is under the supervision of Sumedang District Government. There discourse will be opened this place as one of the leading tourist attraction City of tofu, because the number of tourist arrivals in the hundreds of people every day. Therefore, in addition to built a concrete path along the 300 meters in 2012, Sumedang regency will organize this area in order to meet the seven things that should be owned attractions, that is orderly, clean, cool, beautiful, friendly, safe, and gives the impression of depth.

One thing that must be anticipated from now before it's too late, the increasing number of tourists not to damage the environment Situ Cilembang spring which is dwindling in our country. Thus, the presence of excellent new tourist attractions that are trending this is not expected to cause social unrest, such as water pollution by visitors; wear a swim; or culture that does not know manners selfie environmental and social impact.

Rates Situ Cilembang, Sumedang
As a new tourist attraction known, there is no special rate for admission to Situ Cilembang. Only this time drawn tourists vehicle parking rate of Rp 2,000.

Route to Situ Cilembang, Sumedang
For those of you who came from Bandung or Jakarta, where it can be reached by first heading to Sumedang. When you do not know the route to the City of tofu now take a route through Padaleunyi Toll and Toll Cileunyi keuar door. Then navigate to Jatinangor your vehicle, then Tanjungsari, continue up past the legendary Prince Rock and finally arrived in the city of Sumedang.
Another route that can be taken if you are from Bandung and carrying motorcycles, namely through Jl. Soekarno-Hatta, then to Cibiru roundabout, continue up to Cileunyi, Jatinangor, Tanjungsari, then Sumedang.

There Cilembang Hamlet Curug, Hariang Village, District Buahdua, Sumedang, West Java

From Sumedang, proceed along Highway Bandung, Cirebon, then turn left along the road Cimalaka. These routes you should take next after Jl. Cimalaka is Jl. Tanjungkerta, Cigarukgak and Hariang village, district. Buahdua, Kab. Sumedang. The distance that must be conquered from Bandung to Situ Cilembang approximately 80-90 kilometers with varied terrain. Time you should take from Bandung regardless of congestion around 3-4 hours.


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