Sanghyang Heuleut

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A hidden location makes this a tourist spot that still maintained its natural beauty. In fact, to be able to come to the region visitors must travel a distance that is not close and the ride was not smooth.

Sanghyang Heuleut the natural attractions that are currently targeted by many tourists. Sanghyang Heuleut itself is a small lake surrounded by rocky hilly areas. This is what led to the region's nature as hidden from the outside community.

According to myth, a small lake in the area of ​​West Bandung This is where bath angel coming down from heaven. Yes, as is generally the case in a variety of beautiful exotic places often associated with myths of ancient times, including this Heuleut Sanghyang.

Just like the meaning of Sanghyang Heuleut name itself, it remains unclear what the meaning behind the name of a small lake. However, if interpreted per word, this Trance has a meaning as a sacred place, while Heuleut mean interval between the two times. If it is associated with myths circulating, Sanghyang Heuleut this is a holy place visited by the angels of heaven that has a time difference between the magical world and the real world, the human world.

Regardless, the truth of it is certainly still unclear. Moreover, natural attractions in the area of ​​the current Saguling become a new tourist destination that is fun for the tourists.

At first, not many people know the lake Sanghyang Heuleut. A hidden location on the edge of the river and the water flow in Saguling, as a barrier to introduce it to people a lot. The place is also considered sacred by local people make this Heuleut Sanghyang untouched by many people. This makes everyone reluctant to see how the condition of a small lake in the woods and hills of the rocks.

If the condition of the surrounding nature, Heuleut Trance is like a bowl of water around it is covered by the towering rocks. In addition to the clear water conditions greenish, in a location Sanghyang Heuleut also include a small waterfall as a source of water that runs through the beautiful lake.

Heuleut Sanghyang beauty is not limited to a lake surrounded by rocky cliffs that seemed to protect the lake from the outside world. Heuleut Sanghyang beauty also comes with the order of lush trees that provide shade well as to describe the beauty of the lake. In fact, the waterfall into the lake water sources also beautify the painting of God in the natural area of ​​Bandung.

If previously explained about beauty and beauty Sanghyang Heuleut. Currently the author will deliver to know what was formerly derived Heueluet Sanghyang. As already known, Sanghyang Heuleut is a lake that is a current CRB Purba. In order ancient lake in Bandung, Heuleut Trance is still in a region with a place called Trance Tikoro and Sanghyang Poek.

Judging from the characteristics of the lake area, it can be concluded that Sanghyang Heuleut is an ancient lake. This is proven by the hills which form the typical masonry from the Ancient Volcano eruption, known as Mount Sunda. Why is this lake is still preserved and protected until today? This is caused by the presence of Saguling which has become a source of water in Lake Sanghyang Heuleut.

Knowing the beauty and also the beauty of Lake Sanghyang Heuleut, certainly anyone interested to visit "Hidden Bandung Heaven" is. Although the "hidden" in fact Sanghyang Heuleut can be accessed with two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. Benchmark that can allow visitors to be able to find these locations is Saguling. Saguling from the main gate to the beautiful lake is located about 5 kilometers.

If visitors use the vehicle, from the location Saguling contained the giant pipes visitors can continue the journey by foot. From these locations, visitors will pass through a stream and walk toward the woods. Approximately 1 kilometer of the journey, visitors will find a small mountain cave in which there are Sanghyang Poek. Sanghyang Poek, the journey to the gorgeous lake Sanghyang Heuleut still must continue to walk about 2 kilometers against the stream. Precisely, this Heuleut Sanghyang location is at the end Poek Sanghyang River.

If departing from the city of Bandung, the location of this Heuleut Sanghyang can be reached via the route of Cimahi - Padalarang (until passed by the center-by Bread Unyil and central souvenirs Priangan in the edge of the road) - Raja Mandala - Gate Saguling.

Until now, visitors can freely enjoy the natural beauty surrounding natural attractions in Bandung is free of charge. Parking fee is required only if visitors bring private vehicles can be parked at the information center Saguling.


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