Sinjang Lawang Cave

18-04-2016 Pangandaran District 27239 viewed


Sinjang Lawang Cave is not as famous as other caves in Pangandaran. This cave is located in Jadimulya Village, Langkap Lancar Distict, Pangandaran, Ciamis, West Java. This cave is 500 meters deep, 65 meters wide and 60 height. Inside the cave is passed by the Cijulang River stream. Local people name it Goa Sinjang Lawang because  there is a stone carving inside the cave which look like a batik pattern, this pattern is usually drawn in a piece of fabric or in Sundanese language called Sinjang or Sarung in Bahasa Indonesia. This pattern is naturally carved by the natural process thousand years ago.
Exploring the cave can be done with several ways such as swimming with special equipment like life jacket, helmet, headlamp and rubber tire which is provided by the local guide from Cukang Taneuh (Green Canyon), they are the official guide for touring the Sinjang Lawang Cave. The depth of the water inside the cave is varies. From the shallow depth of 1,5 meters until the deepest of 3 meters. But the tourist who would like to explore the cave no need to be worry because the life jacket and and the rubber tire will help them to swim across the river. Exploring 500 meters Sinjang Lawang Cave, tourist will be entertained by the natural phenomenon such as stalactite and stalagmite. The main highlight of the tour is visiting the middle part of the cave. During the daylight, tourist will be able to see the “heaven’s light” which actually a sunlight shining through the giant hole on the upper side of the cave. The lights will be refracted by the stones and  stalactite creating surreal view inside the dark cave. The color of the water will also change because of the light, the water will be turn into turquoise, red and green depend on the amount of the lights which came through the hole, these colors will also reflected to the cave’s walls. After exploring the cave, tourist will need to swim a little bit more crossing the forest owned by the local people while looking at the last natural phenomenon, a heart shaped stone which is naturally carved on the ceiling of the cave. Of course the adventure is not over yet, because there is still no land access to return to the starting point of exploration, tourist need to explore and swim through the cave one more time.

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