Kawalu Embriodery Area

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Kawalu is a district in the city of Tasikmalaya, West Java Province. The district capital is located in Karsamenak Village. Kawalu districts is currently famous as the center of “home industry” Embroidery.  Because of embroidery, Kawalu experiencing the most rapid economic acceleration compared to other districts. Embroidery production of Kawalu besides reaching the small market share in East Priangan, also penetrated the market in the capital city of Jakarta especially Tanah Abang market and foreign countries such as Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, and Africa.
Tourist can feel the certain atmosphere when they enter Kawalu which is known as the center of Kawalu Embroidery. Tourist who passes bus terminal has been directed by the sign to go to Cipatujah / Karang Nunggal. Visitors are greeted by a high gate cross the road at the intersection Cisumur reads "Welcome to the Center of Embroidery - Kawalu Tasikmalaya". Along the sides of the road has been decorated outlets displaying a wide range of distinctive products such as hoods, mukena, kebaya, gamis, koko with different Jalan Perintis Kemerdekaan, about 3 kilometers from Tasikmalaya. Imah Tasik is an excellent craft store managed by Tasikmalayas Governement. Tourists who come to Imah Tasik will be given an opportunity to meet the Kawalu Embroidery wholesaler. Imah Tasiki is open daily from 09.00 am - 16.00 pm, including Sundays and holidays. In Imah Tasik, tourists will be able to see not only the embroidery of Kawalu but also other handricafts which become the icon of Tasikmalaya, like woven handicrafts of Rajapolah.

Not far from Imah Tasik, there are factories that make footwear called kelom geulis (pretty clogs). Tourists can watch artisans shape the logs into a beautiful and shiny footwear. Tasikmalaya embroidery industry centers spread across 24 Village / Sub, 12 Districts in Tasikmalaya and the rest is in Tasikmalaya regency. The 12 District are Kawalu, Cibeureum, Cipedes, Cikalong, Cikatomas, Cipatujah, Karangnunggal, Leuwisari, Manonjaya, Salopa, Sodonghilir, and Sukaraja. Among the 12 districts, the most well known area of the embroidery center is Kawalu. In Kawalu, the villages which producing embroidery are Tanjung (Air Tanjung), Karsamenak (Kampung Ngamplang, Kampung Babakan Saguling), Cibeuti, Cilamajang (Saguling Panjang), Talagasari, Gunung Tandala, Karang Anyar and Karikil.
Since entering the Tanjung Air  street, you will hear the rumbling sound of the  embroidery machine. Some use the juki machines which is a small machine but most of them already using computerized embroidery machines that can produce up to 10 pcs embroidery in one round. Embroidery Ornament art have been found a long ago. These ornaments first appeared in Byzantium in 330 AD. While the Embroidery of Tasikmalaya is the absorption of Chinese culture. Historically, Tasikmalaya Embroidery industry grows and develops the first time in 1925 in the village of Tanjung District of Kawalu Tasikmalaya. One of the pioneer is a woman named Hj. Umayyad binti  H. Musa, who in previous years working in American corporate, Singer. After mastering the field of embroidery while in Singer, she resigned and went back to the Tanjung village and open a small business to receive orders either from Tasikmalaya and outside the region.


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