Rajapolah Crafts Center

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Rajapolah itself is a name of one of the districts known as the center of a home industry for woven handicrafts and stove. The location is approximately 12 km to the North of Tasikmalaya. It is so easy to find handicraft stalls selling special and unique products which are handmade. Rajapolah tourism was never quiet. Every day, tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists always visit and shop souvenirs from Rajapolah. Therefore, if tourist would liketo come to Tasikmalaya, do not forget to stop by and shop for crafts in the region.

Many types of souvenirs and unique accessories can be an option to buy, ranging from woven bags, wallets, miniature of tricycles, miniature of cars, pencil cases, bracelets and many more. In addition to the uniqueness, handmade products that are sold here are known inexpensive and durable. Because of the great quality of the goods, Rajapolah known as the most favorite tourism destination in Tasikmalaya. Most of the products are made from natural fiber materials that are environmentally friendly. The most common material used are fibers of water hyacinth, bamboo skin, pandan leaves etc. Natural materials which already have beautiful texture were combined and formed with attractive and versatile design. Lots of interesting choices of souvenirs such as Shell Bags, Bags hyacinth, Kelom Geulis, Payung Geulis, various caps, Sticks Plates, Batik Bags, Sticks Bags, Nylon Bag, Woven Mat, and various souvenirs offered with cheap price. Several woven handicrafts in Rajapolah made of mendong. Mendong is a type of grass that grows in a swamp. Wild plants that grow extends to more than 1 meter will be drained, and then manually woven into mats and other handicrafts. Besides mendong, common materials which is used are bamboo, pandanus and water hyacinth. In addition to local products in Rajapolah, here also can be found a variety of other craft that characterizes the city of Tasikmalaya, such as kelom geulis, payung geulis and embrodiery. Currently, a lot of handicrafts from Tasikmalaya were exported to overseas such as Korea and Japan. Goods are exported mostly boxes made of pandan leaf. In order to follow the trends and market deman, shopping activities in Rajapolah currently be accessed through the website (online shopping). And again, walking and shopping along the Rajapolah streets, visitors do not have to worry, tourist will easily find a restaurant with a variety of menus which is ready to to indulge their tongue along the way. Almost all roads in KM.1 - 2 Rajapolah filled with rest areas, restaurants, and typical souvenir shop of Tasikmalaya.


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