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If you would like to own a leather jacket with cheap price and asking where to go to buy it in Garut, you can visit Sukaregang. The 500 meters long street of Sukaregang will offer you a high quality and variety products made from leather. It was started in 1970 when Sukaregang is only consist of few leather showroom and production house. Sukaregang gain its popularity because they offering high quality leather products with a very cheap price so the local people start to bought leather products from Sukaregang. And now, there are lots of showroom and shops start to opened one by one in Sukaregang. Jacket, shoes, bags and wallet is the most famous products with high demand in Sukaregang. The price of the products depend on the size and the quality of the leather. The customers are also able to modified the patterns based on their request.

Tips On Buying

Do not be afraid getting tricked by the seller, most of the seller in Sukaregang using genuine leather which can easily be found in Garut. Sheep, bull and cow leather is the most common leather to be used. The quality of Sukaregang’s leather products nowadays has reached the international standard. South Korea, Hong Kong and Japan are few of the countries which become the countries where Sukaregang’s leather products is exported. For visitors who is willing to buy the leather products in Sukaregang, don’t hesitate to ask the seller about the materials. Few of the seller using fake leather which look slightly similar to genuine leather. A lot of seller in Sukaregang will try to test their products in fron of the customer by burning the leather to proof that genuine leather will not be burnt by the fire.  Beside gaining regional income, Sukaregang leather industry also decreasing the unemployment numbers in Garut.

Source : Eriek Nurhikmat

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