Braga Street

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For colonial architecture lovers in Bandung as well as its culinary, Braga certainly is not a foreign name in tourists’ ear. Braga is an elite area during Dutch colonialism era and become a benchmark trend that occurred at that time. Dutch officials so keen to spend time on this road, good for coffee while chatting lightly and enjoy the movie in one of the theaters that used to exist in this road. Until now, the prestige of Braga area is never go down, Braga area retained as one of the trademark and attractions in the city that used to be known as Parijs van Java. Braga area is the prefect concept of One Stop Holiday at the central of the city where the center of the crowd and the main business area in the city are still bustling around Braga.

On the right side of Braga area there is a shopping complex, restaurants and cafes which has the architectural of urban design combined with characteristics of the old Dutch architectural style. Many of the shops still maintaining its European building style, just like the development of Bandung at that time (1920-1940's) which make Bandung fairly famous as the city of Paris. Among the shops that still retains the old architectural features is the Sarinah shopping center, Kimia Farma and Gedung Merdeka (was once the building Societeit Concordia).

Bandung also always related to its good sense of style and fashion since then, that is one of the reason why Bandung is called Paris Van Java. Braga said to have originated from the Sundanese language, Ngabaraga, which means style.Usually, Braga will look very crowded during weekends or school holidays. It is a nice view to look at tourists who passing by Braga street and seems really enjoyed the atmosphere at this area.  Around the same area of Braga, tourists can also visit other tourist attraction that are not less interesting, only walking distance away such as Gedung Merdeka, Museum Konferensi Asia – Afrika, Bandung Square, Grand Mosque of Bandung, and other beautiful places.

source : Eriek Nurhikmat

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