Batu Dua Paragliding

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Batu Dua is one of the hillsides in the area of Mount Lingga, Cimarga Village, Cisitu District, Sumedang Regency. As the best location in Indonesia for paragliding, this area has an altitude of 930 meters above sea level, and present the expanse of stunning natural scenery. One advantage Batu Dua area is easy to reach the main access by using either of two-wheeled vehicles and four wheels. Thus, applicants who wish to visit Batu Dua do not have to walk to reach the location. The distance is also quite close to Highway Sumedang - Wado, about 4 km. Sumedang distance of approximately 25 km.

Batu Dua area considered as a very worthy and ideal as a location for world paragliding event. At that location, there is a combination between the mountains with extensive flat plains. Even there are several points of thermal (steam geothermal) which could affect the paragliding fly longer in the air around the Mount Lingga,

For those who love the sport like aerospace, Batu Dua area is a good place to visit. The arena is more challenging than the location of Kampung Toga, Sukajaya Village, Sumedang South District, previously often used as a place of paragliding. Although the place is far from the town of Sumedang, but the terrain is very nice to be a place of aerospace sports such as paragliding. Aerospace sport lovers here can float in the air as far as 45 km with a duration of up to three hours. Two stone into place to hold the last prestigious event "Indonesian Pre World Cup 2013 stone Two Open" September 29 until October 4, 2013. Geographical conditions in Mount Linga with a variety of natural features, is the best locations used for paragliding championship international level. Just like the paragliding world championships in Turkey. Moreover, the location of paragliding in Batu Dua, supported by beautiful natural scenery and its exotica. Batu Dua area is not far from the site of King Tadjimalela in Mount Linga. To get the top of Batu Dua, whose managed by youth groups in the area, can be reached by riding a motorcycle or a car. But at some point many roads were damaged. Only paved road to block Panurasam that currently being constructed. From this area, the road climbs sharply and following through winding contours of the land with a foundation that has been paved with stones. The scenery on offer in the area which has an altitude of 900 meters above sea level is almost perfect. In this area also many food stalls lined up to Batu Dua.

As the best location for paragliding activity, Batu Dua region becomes one of the pride of Sumedang Regency. Batu Dua area is perfect for special interest tourists who like adventure and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors.

by. Eriek Nurhikmat

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